Well Fit Sale to Jay Productions

Recently, Jay Productions were actively searching for a static washlight unit that would adequately and efficiently get them great lighting for any event necessary. As a result after careful consideration, Jay Productions made the decision to purchase 24 WELL Fit machines from Chauvet Productions, supplied by Showtools International.

The decision to purchase the group of WELL Fit machines from Chauvet Professional was made after taking into account various factors against similar products in the same market. These factors made it clear that the WELL Fit was evidently the best product for any event that required it.

The WELL Fit is a discrete, high powered LED up-lighter, this small battery powered wash light comes in a reflective chrome housing designed to blend into any décor. WELL Fit can be controlled wirelessly either by W-DMX or by an included IR remote; alternatively, it can be controlled manually from the OLED display on the fixture. These entire features combined make the WELL Fit a perfect solution for quick setup and distinguished accent lighting.

The fact that the WELL Fit has a completely wireless IP65 rated battery, one of the longest battery life’s, was a major purchasing factor for Jay Productions. Furthermore, the battery has 8 hours of operation when full and a quick 5 hours charging time for frequent use. Additionally, the WELL Fit has a chrome exterior for blending into its surroundings, built in automated programs recallable by IR, WDMX or manually and M12 threaded insert for easy clamp installation plus a Kensington lock position for securing your investment. The Well Fit fixture ticked all the boxes that Jay Productions required.

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