Jay Productions Climbs To The Top Of the Tower With Eurotruss

As car and bike enthusiasts from all over the country gathered for the Fitted Fridays car show, sponsored by Shannons Insurance held at The Eastern Creek Motor Raceway Park on the 27th of May, one of the features of this event was the type of structure used to light up the show, The Eurotruss HD34 self-climbing system.

Jay Productions was contracted for the event to build a structure that would effectively allow different type of cars to be showcased to the many fans in attendance. As a result, the decision was made that the right structure needed was our new Eurotruss HD34 self-climbing system which spanned a total of 9 meters, loaded with light fixtures and sponsor signage towering over The Eastern Creek Motor Raceway Park. This Eurotruss structure was jay2the perfect choice for this type of installation as the thickness of the truss assured strength and durability. The system elevated the view and allowed the cars to be professionally showcased.

Jay Productions clients were thoroughly impressed with the amount of time saved in setting up the structure. The grid was up and running within 2 hours, from the time of bump in and the client has already locked in the next event to ensure once again the Eurotruss system is the one used. The choice of the Eurotruss self-climbing system on the night has enabled further growth for Jay Productions.


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