CHAUVET Professional Shines for Ravenswood School for Girls

Ravenswood School for Girls staged two remarkable productions in 2016: Grease the Musical and Ravenswood Presents. Showtools International helped create the necessary dramatic mood and showcase the students’ fine talents for both events, by providing CHAUVET Professional fixtures. Grease the Musical in particular featured 80 students from Years 7-12 on stage at one time. The use of CHAUVET professional fixtures allowed for the creation of some memorable performances for this large-scale production.

Currently, Ravenswood School for Girls owns a variety of CHUAVET fixtures including: Rogue R1 Spots, Legend 412z, COLORdash Batten-Quad 6, COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 and Ovation C-640FC fixtures. To give their productions a professional stage look, Showtools International recommended some new versatile fixtures to supplement their stock. The new fixtures included 4 extra R1 Rogue Spots and R2 Rogue Washes to create maximum and amazing dimension for the shows. Theatre Technicians Jason Grimsted and Conor Fitzpatrick explained enthusiastically, “The CHUAVET fixtures have been a fantastic addition to our inventory, replacing our aging moving lights and complementing our existing stock of static fresnels and profiles!”

The Rogues performed several functions including spot-lighting for various singers on stage to really emphasise the performers and attract audience attention while providing atmospheric aerial effects projected on the stage. This earned the approval of both Jason and Conor, “We have been particularly impressed with the brightness and effects of the R1 profiles.”
Additionally, the COLORdash fixtures provided colour fills and wash for the stage which worked like magic as a counterpoint to Rogue fixtures, which as a result helped deliver deep saturated colours. Jason added, “We have enjoyed putting the COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 and the COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 in a variety of different configurations to achieve some unique looks. Also, it’s a real bonus having both 3 and 5 pin connectors along with the Power Con Connections on all fixtures as a standard.”

Thanks to the impressive array of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, both productions (Ravenswood Present and Grease the Musical) were given a professional and dynamic touch, in particular Grease the Musical due to the famous material it was based on. The productions were a huge success and ran smoothly for the college and its performances to the delight of the staff who worked hard to put the shows together, leaving an unforgettable moment for the audiences that attended the respective shows and which enthusiastically participated in a standing ovation at its conclusion.

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