Jay Productions uses Eurotruss for Wedding at Unique Australian Technology Park

Jay Productions & Events was established in 2008, and from the outset has worked effectively with clients as partners in constructing successful events. They operate to a high-quality standard of work when fulfilling all technical and event requirements, servicing all aspects from small corporate, to outdoor events, through to large scale events with a dedicated team trained in all aspects of theatrical and technical event production.

A key part of constructing successful events requires the right equipment for the different event requirements of different clients. When it comes to the rigging element of an event, Jay Productions holds an extensive inventory of The Eurotruss Truss System and recently Jason from Jay Productions increased his Eurotruss inventory which now includes over 500 sticks of the industry standard HD34 supplied by Showtools International.

The inventory of HD34 square truss was put into action for an impressive wedding at the unique Australian Technology Park Conference Centre. Since 1998, The Australian Technology Park Conference Centre has hosted a variety of events that cultivate innovation, ignite the spark of inspiration, create exchanges in knowledge, and explodes beyond expectations daily. This was evident on the day with this wedding and the expertise brought by Jay Productions.

Jay Productions utilised the HD34 truss for the wedding to suspend the spans above the Centre which provided the lights that dangled from above. With Jay Productions specialising in large events ranging from corporate to concerts, they state that the atandard 3mm wall thickness and TuV load chart rating accessible on the Eurotruss website allowed Jason and his team to calculate loads instantly for spans and load ratings that were not once previously achievable allowing rigging works of art for all decorative events and satisfying the needs of any stylist production.

The wedding was a success in large part to Jay Productions team and the use of the Eurotruss System, with the client thrilled with the outcome. With Jay Productions expanding Eurotruss inventory, it has allowed the company to continue to provide high quality creative events and productions which will enable further growth for years to come.


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