Show Systems Australia Chooses CHAUVET Professional

Since 2013, Show Systems Australia has used 30 years worth of experience in the lighting, production and entertainment industry to specialise in bringing small to large indoor and outdoor events, installs, concerts, theatre shows, corporate events, wedding receptions and dinners alive. To continue to provide high quality lighting productions to their clients, Show Systems Australia recently upgraded their inventory with the purchase of 12 new CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK2 Spots supplied by Showtools International.

Show Systems Australia has chosen to invest into the CHAUVET Professional family due to the capability of the fixtures against those in the market. Michael Westcott, director of Show Systems Australia stated, ‘After deciding the time was right for us as to consider purchasing a quantity of high output LED Spot fixtures, we set about looking at different brands and price ranges in the market place. At the end of our search we found that the CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK2 Spot ticked all the right boxes and some extras as well.’

The features of the Maverick MK2 Spot really caught Michael’s eye, ‘’The Maverick MK2 Spots were chosen due to the 440w 4 driver LED engine, huge zoom range, CMY, variable CTO and variable frost. With two rotating gobo wheels feature all glass gobo’s which can also be layered to create unique effects as well as having SCANet, Artnet, and W DMX. Also, 5 and 3 pin DMX gives us a fixture that is versatile and future proof. The output from the fixture is blistering bright and the colour mixing system and optics is stunning in addition to the build quality of the fixtures.’’

The fixtures have been put straight into action for Show Systems with work on various shows from theatre to corporate events. One such show was the production of Wicked, the latest show from Encore Theatre Company held at the Princess Theatre. Jason Bovaird of Moving Light Productions designed and programmed the stunning looks with the new Maverick MK2 Spots. The Mavericks were used to highlight certain performers on stage as there were up to 40 cast members as well as for crossing aerial effects and gobo scenes.

The fixtures also created variable frost and variable CTO. Michael added, ‘Being able to frost out a gobo look and then fade back into a sharp focus gobo look is a great feature with these Mavericks. The LD was able to achieve some great aerial and set gobo looks from the powerful 440w LED source.’

Michael elaborated, ‘We have several Lighting Designers who are excited to put these fixtures on their shows and are impressed with the extra features on these Mavericks that are not available on some other fixtures.’

This acquisition has enabled Show Systems Australia to offer maximum production equipment for any scale event or install as evident by the successful Wicked Production. With the CHAUVET Professional investment, Show Systems will continue to bring their lighting and production experience to various events in Tasmania to open new design possibilities for all clients. Additionally, Michael has claimed the addition of more Maverick fixtures to their inventory a real possibility, ‘We are keen to be adding more of the Maverick range of fixtures to our lighting inventory over the next few months.’


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