Get Rigged once again uses Eurotruss for Rigged F1 Car at Melbourne Grand Prix

The first round of the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix rolled in to Albert Park at the end of March. Along with the main race, there are various attractions during the weekend for race enthusiasts and tourists to explore, one of them being the unique Renault truss structure with a Renault F1 car rigged from it.

Renault last year showcased a vertically rigged F1 car on a 12m high truss “ramp” at the Grand Prix Event that amazed fans with the result being both spectacular and memorable. To create another significant attraction for this year’s event, Renault’s brand experience agency, Neonormal, again contracted Get Rigged who designed and constructed last year’s structure, to create another ‘wow’ factor installation.

To successfully rig the F1 Renault car on this year’s structure, Get Rigged had to consider various factors. After careful planning and preparation, Get Rigged concluded that once again the Eurotruss truss system was the only truss that could be effective enough to cover the entire installation without the need of internal supports and have the capacity to rig the F1 Car. To build the structure, Get Rigged used Eurotruss HD34 square truss supplied by Showtools International using 100 Eurotruss sections along with custom brackets for the roof pitch and Get Rigged’s adjustable leg height adaptors that bolt on to the HD connector pattern, allowing easy levelling of the structure on uneven ground. Sixteen millimetre Marine Ply covered the entire perimeter for signage and a black custom roof was manufactured to keep the area underneath dry.

The Eurotruss Brand was the perfect choice as it provided structural integrity other brands don’t provide, which was reinforced by Dave when he stated, ‘Get Rigged won’t go anywhere else for truss.’ The HD34 guarantees optimum load bearing capacity, with a 3mm wall thickness assuring durability and extra strength. Additionally, the Eurotruss system provides fast and safe conical connection that optimized the set-up from time of bump in. Dave finally commented “Now that the bar has been set so high I think we’ll be purchasing the HD44 truss so we can push the boundaries even further-watch this space!”

Thanks to the use of the Eurotruss truss system, Get Rigged has successfully created another amazing and memorable structure for Renault at the Australian Grand Prix.


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