Vesuvio RGBA creates atmosphere for Midnight Mafia 2017

Midnight Mafia, the indoor festival featuring 13 International and local artists returned in 2017 on Saturday the 13th of May at The Halls at Sydney Showground. The Sydney Showground venue allowed HSU Events to have the biggest ever production at this year’s festival, which was three times that of Midnight Mafia 2016 and as a result allowed more space for an amazing stage to complement the addition of pyro, flames and fireworks with a venue capacity of over 15,000 people.

A key addition to the festival was the use of the Vesuvio RGBA from CHAUVET Professional, supplied by Chameleon Touring Systems. Designed by Arian Yeganeh from Integratd, Arian incorporated 16 of the Vesuvio RGBA vertical fog machines which permitted the look and feel of the conventional Co2 at the third of the cost, however being on moving trusses this was the only solution. The CHAUVET Vesuvio RGBA features a quick heating 1.6 kW heater and a 2.5 L fluid tank for dependability in production, and features an incredible 40,000 cubic feet per minute output (CFM), which delivered a huge kick to the large and enthusiastic crowd.

The Vesuvio RGBA brings together high output LED washes to towering fog output with ferocious intensity. This allowed bursts of fog to disperse on the crowd at various stages of the festival with the Vesuvio’s used for the intros of the artists to create a visualising and exhilarating experience for the thousands in attendance. It allowed each artist set list to have its own unique feel to highlight the energy that each individual artist created during the event.

Midnight Mafia 2017 was a success with the audience enjoying an energetic and vibrant night of international acts showcasing their talents, with the use of the Vesuvio RGBA helping to shape the mood and feel for each of the artist throughout the night.

Vesuvio RGBA available at Showtools.



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