Technology and Gadget Expo 2017 Ramps Up with Structured Events and Nivtec

Structured Events is a company that specializes in event production, event hire and stage hire that uses the latest in event technology and infrastructure. The company is owned by Tristan Miller, who with many years of experience in the industry decided to venture out and start Structured Events with the aim to deliver an exceptionally high level of detail and care on every event for his clients.

This was evident at The Technology and Gadget Expo 2017, which is Australia’s largest technology expo which allows visitors of all ages to interact with the latest in technology products, meet with hundreds of the best and most innovative brands/individuals in an interactive show floor. One of the main attractions at this year’s expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was the E-Bike testing ramp designed and built by Structured Events.

Building on the success of the inaugural TGE 2016, manufacturer feedback requested a more substantial test track for their E-Bikes and subsequently show organisers contacted Structured Events to design a solution that would put the bikes to the test. With a proven record in production hire and a return on investment seen by Tristan while working at previous companies, Structured Events designed and engineered a ramp solution using the high quality Nivtec Staging System and hand rails supplied by Showtools International.

The design required the following equipment:

14 x Nivtec 2m x 1m Panels

14 x Nivtec 185cm Handrails

4 x Custom Nivtec Ramp Ends to suit 11-degree angle

20 x 800-1400 adjustable legs

8 x 600-900 adjustable legs

8 x 400-600 adjustable legs

4 x 200mm adjustable legs

72 x Swivel Couplers

64m Scaffold Tube

The design included a 15-meter overall ramp with an incline of 11 degrees rising to 1.2 meter at its highest. The choice to use the Nivtec handrail system was due to the system being able to provide an elegant handrail/barrier which is ideal for exhibitions and displays where bulky handrails would obstruct the audience view.

The Nivtec staging modules were installed for its ease of use, the effective Nivtec hook on system provides strength with a high load capacity as well as providing a quick assembly process. These factors made Nivtec the best solution to meet the necessary requirements for the ramp in addition to being secure and safe. This is reinforced by Tristan who stated, “We chose the Nivtec stage system to add to our inventory for its proven record in production hire, the robust design and high quality hex ply finish. The hook-on system makes set up efficient and reduces labor with less hardware, loading time and truck space required for each stage build. The precise 2 meter x 1 meter panels are ideal for custom stage and set work where cladding and accessories are made to size in the workshop, while other carpeted decks have a greater tolerance in dimensions and the gaps between decks creating variances when constructing on site.”

The Nivtec Ramp was a total success with the organisers thrilled with the outcome as well as the people testing the E-Bikes. With the addition of the flexible Nivtec Staging System to their ever-growing inventory from Showtools, Structured Events will be able to provide all kinds of stage/ramp solutions that can be designed to suit any application or client from traditional disabled access and wheelchair ramps to vehicle and other exhibition displays.

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