Action Sound Upgrades with CHAUVET Professional

Action Sound is a production company based in Homebush West that deals with live production for corporate events, concerts and festivals as well as AV installation and production hire for businesses, schools, clubs, councils and churches. Action Sound can design, plan and implement production projects with service and support from their professional technicians.

One of the key proponents of Action Sounds Production/Hire/AV installations to their clients is their lighting services and the company recently went to the market looking for LED Moving Heads to add to their inventory. Tony Hystek Managing Director of Action Sound stated, ‘After comparing several current LED moving head spot fixtures for features, value, build quality and performance, Action Sound have decided to acquire the Rogue R2 Spot by CHAUVET Professional and added 8 of these fixtures to our inventory.’

The choice to acquire the Rogue R2 Spots LED Moving Heads from Showtools International was due to the Rogues versatility with its rich intense colours and crisp rotating gobos being a great combination. The Rogue Spot provides incredible value with a stunning range of colours and effects, with two variable scrolling colour wheels for an unlimited number of shape-changing and split-color effects. Rogue R2 Spot uses a powerful 240 W LED light source in a 16.5° beam angle for a brilliant light that creates an unparalleled audience experience. Furthermore, the rapid movements of the R2 along with its great output can provide maximum dimension for any show or production

With the addition of the Rogue R2 Spots to their inventory, Action Sound will be able to add a different dimension to certain productions and corporate events that is sure to thrill clients. With the R2 acquisition, Action Sound will be better equipped to provide high-quality production services, hire and installations for all their varying client’s needs and requirements in terms of lighting.


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