Creative Lighting Invests with CHAUVET

Creative Lighting and Audio is a production company that over the last 10 years has worked hard to establish themselves as a premier Sydney Lighting Production Company. Recently, Andre Kecskes Managing Director of Creative Lighting went to the market looking for a wash light that had a variety of features as well as being IP rated for outdoor use. After having looked at different wash lights from different brands, there was one that stood out to Andre. After careful consideration, he decided to acquire 30 CHAUVET Professional COLORado 1 Quad Zoom’s from Showtools International.

The Colorado 1-Quad Zoom is an excellent indoor/outdoor wash light with seven Osram RGBW LEDs delivering big time power from a compact, yet solid housing. It maintains its IP65 rating with IP rated DMX cables, but standard 5-pin XLR DMX cables work perfectly for indoor use. A 13° to 45° zoom gives ample control over the beam, and selectable dimming curves facilitate the integration of the fixtures into an existing rig. Center pixel control provides even more dynamic effects with full 16-bit dimming. Outdoor rated power and data connectors allow for easy connections without proprietary cabling.

A standout feature that caught the eye of Andrea was the zoom capability, “The zoom function on the Colorado’s makes it easy to move from a general wash look to a very narrow special,” he said. “The zooming, plus the smooth dimming, made this a must have fixture.” The good smooth white for cameras, along with the color temperature macros, makes our lighting well suited for lighting video services as well.”

The fixtures were put straight into action for several festivals including Halloween in Lithgow and Real in Penrith with both events being highly successful and were highly valued by the respective clients.

Thanks to the addition of 30 Colorado 1-Quad Zoom, Creative Lighting and Audio has added to their already impressive inventory that will help the company continue to be one of the premier production companies that caters for all type of events, and for any client as highlighted by the Halloween in Lithgow and Real in Penrith events.

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