Tanks Arts Centre Enlists Maverick thanks to JAM Productions

JAM Productions is an evolution of over 26 years in the trenches developing a specific working knowledge of audio visual and event production. The collective minds behind JAM have been consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible with event technology all in the pursuit of sheer passion and in-depth client communication. The company spend countless hours designing and digging deep into new ways of delivering remarkable and scarcely seen technologies. Utilising every part of their crew’s extensive knowledge pool to make each event unequaled.

Recently, the company were contacted by The Tanks Arts Centre to provide insight for a wash light that would be beneficial for all types of events held at the centre. The Tanks Arts Centre is the leading contemporary venue in the Cairns region and was voted Cairns’ Best Entertainment Venue for seven years in a row, bringing the best local, national and International performers and touring shows to the region.

In terms of great wash lights, JAM Productions had recently acquired The Maverick MK2 Wash by CHAUVET Professional from Showtools International after seeing the popular wash light being used with much success for various venues across the country and worldwide. After being impressed with what the MK2 Wash could do and after previously acquiring the CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1-FX-B moving head system, JAM Productions decided to show the Tanks Arts Centre the Maverick in action as Justin Ogge, Managing Director of JAM Productions explained, “The Tanks Arts Centre rang us and asked my opinion on great wash lights and I happened to have The Maverick MK2 Wash available so I took it down to the Tanks, pumped the haze and showed them what it could do and the Centre were thoroughly impressed.” As a result, The Tanks Arts Centre decided to install 12 of the Maverick MK2 Washes from JAM Productions.

“The Maverick MK2 Wash fulfilled all of the Tanks requirements with the key features being the output of 12 x 40 W Quad Chips, the awesome Zoom of  7º – 49º and the display is one of the easiest I have used!” “Having the ability to just touch the mode to change the mode, or touch the address to change the address is how it should be. With 16-bit Dimming and access to almost infinite colours that provide endless design possibilities, this fixture is great for a venue like the Tanks Arts Centre,” stated Justin. “Add in the fact the fixture has built in virtual gobo wheels with background colours for impressive atmospheric effects, fast movement of pan, tilt, and zoom as well as a quiet operation which is perfect for this install.”

Thanks to the addition of the Maverick MK2 Washes from CHAUVET Professional by JAM Productions for The Tanks Arts Centre, the centre will now be equipped to continue to host international performers and touring shows while adding a new dimension in terms of looks and colours for all shows enabled by the MK2 Washes.

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