Audio 4 Events Upgrades with Nivtec, CHAUVET and Showcase

Audio 4 Events are suppliers of high quality Audio, Visual and Staging for concerts, parties, product launches, corporate events and more. The company provide exceptional service and align themselves with their clients to co-create memorable experiences.

In order for the company to maintain its status as a supplier of high quality equipment and have the ability to provide for all different type of events and services Matt Hampton, Managing Director of Audio 4 Events went to the market looking for some staging and lighting to add to his inventory. After doing some research and scouting the different staging systems available, Matt decided to add the trusted Nivtec Staging System as well as some CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures and Showcase Road Cases to his inventory from Showtools International.

The acquisition for Audio 4 Events included 20 decks of the Nivtec Staging. Matt was impressed with Nivtec’s hook on system stating, “The Nivtec Staging System is sleek and professional looking, with pieces that interlock and provide a strong and sturdy platform for ruckus performances to simple announcements.” The Nivtec staging modules provide Audio 4 Events ease of use, the effective Nivtec hook on system provides strength with a high load capacity as well as providing a quick assembly process. “We chose the Nivtec stage system to add to our inventory for its proven record in production hire, the robust design and high quality hex ply finish. The hook-on system makes set up efficient and reduces labor with less hardware, loading time and truck space required for each stage build,” Matt explained.

Audio 4 Events also acquired some CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures from Showtools, including Rogue R1 Spots. Matt stated, “We see lighting design as the icing on the cake, the finishing piece of the production puzzle thus we have a focused passion in creating the best lighting show, display or theming possible. These CHAUVET Professional fixtures allow us to achieve this and much more.” Rogue R1 Spot brings innovation and creativity with a rotating 3-facet prism for stunning aerial effects, a motorized iris and focus for beam shaping, as well as two gobo wheels, one of which rotates and has 7 interchangeable gobos for custom looks. “Rogue R1 Spot shines brightly with a 16.5° beam angle for crisp gobo projections in a range of eight beautiful colors. They are also great for aerial effects, cyc looks, as well as lighting up stages,” Matt emphasized.

In addition, Audio 4 Events have acquired Showcase Road Cases including cable packers, microphone cases, and pioneer cases equipped with its Penn-Elcom Hardware that make the Showcase cases both reliable and durable.

With the addition of the Nivtec Staging System, CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures and Showcase Road Cases to Audio 4 Events ever-growing inventory, Audio 4 Events will be able to provide its various cliental the equipment needed to cover for various sized events and applications.

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