Audio Visual Production Services Expands with CHAUVET Professional

Audio Visual Production Services is a production company based in Wollongong headed by Chris Harrison and Sean Keaveny. They have joined forces to service the Wollongong region, combining over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the audio, visual and lighting industry. Recently, the two went to the market looking to expand their lighting inventory and after having used most lighting brands on the market combined with specific market research, Chris and Sean concluded that there was one brand that stood head and shoulders above the rest and that was CHAUVET Professional.

This resulted in Chris and Sean going to Showtools International and acquiring the following CHAUVET Professional fixtures:

Chris Harrison stated the Maverick fixtures are perfect for any application needed, “These Maverick fixtures are compact, loaded and powerful. The Mavericks are able to provide us with versatile looks thanks to their excellent zoom and great output.” “With the Maverick MK2 and MK3 wash we could go from putting a soft wash on an individual performer to making the whole stage glow with colour, all seamlessly. We have used the wash fixtures to provide a saturated wash in between shows, and then to serve up some eye candy effects and beam effects when we had performances on stage.”

Chris also explained the great versatility of the Maverick fixtures especially the Maverick MK2 Profile and Spot, “The MK2 Profile was such a versatile light with an output that was nothing like we have seen. It is powered by a 440 W LED engine that includes CMY+CTO color mixing, a four-blade framing shutter system with rotation, a color wheel, 3:1 zoom, and two rotating gobo wheels. The Mavericks also provide the subtle theatrical element to the lighting whilst simultaneously supplying flashy, showbiz looks. Chris added, “Then there is the Maverick MK1 Hybrid that provides punchy, beam and wash profile looks.”

The choice to go with the Strike 4 was due to its high-power 100 W COB LEDs housed in independently focusable pods. As Chris states, “It’s the go-to-choice for high energy automated strobe effects and its smooth 16-bit dimming curve facilitates incandescent-style fades.” The Strike 4 also comes with adjustable PWM which is ideal for film and studio applications. From a lighting perspective, we got enough to cover all facets from small to large events from corporate to tours festivals.”

Along with lighting fixtures, Audio Visual Production Services was also in the market for a truss system. After seeing the trusted Eurotruss Truss System in action for various events around the world including the rigging for the Commonwealth Games 2018 on the Gold Coast, Chris decided to acquire pieces of the HD44 square truss from Showtools. The HD44 comes with an excellent load capacity on free spans of 18m (59 feet). HD44 uses the 3mm wall thickness in the main tube which assures durability and extra strength. Designed for high frequency usage or installations which demands higher loading, as well as a fast-conical connection system allowing quick set up times for Chris and Sean.

In addition, the company also acquired the Eurotruss PRT Touring Truss. PRT Truss is a versatile truss structure that will enable Audio Visual Production Services to carry their Maverick moving heads permanently. “It will not only save us space but also guarantees less set up time and saves labor cost. It is the ultimate stackable space and cost saver for touring and has a cool feature and that is the counter positioning nut at the fork connector enabling us perfect fitting and angling for corners etc.” stated Chris.

To round off the acquisition, Showtools also supplied various Showcase Road Cases to fit the various Maverick moving head fixtures. All Showcase road cases are durable, reliable and are equipped with Penn-Elcom Hardware. “We were very impressed with the Showcase cases and have seen how they are built to last with all Penn-Elcom hardware which is a leader in case hardware and laminated with 12mm Ply Black Hexa Pattern, these cases are perfect for our Maverick fixtures.” Chris exclaimed.

With the addition of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, Eurotruss Truss System and Showcase Road Cases from Showtools, Audio Visual Production Services is now equipped to handle any event, show or application for any sized client with the right equipment in their ever-growing inventory.

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