Sound Workshop works CHAUVET Professional into their Inventory

When Sound Workshop through their Head of Lighting Wayne Bateup was looking to move into the lighting world and add to their growing inventory, his first point of action was searching for a powerful wash moving head fixture. Sound Workshop is a leading corporate production and audio visual production company that specialises in hire, sales, installations, rigging, crew and theatre productions.

“I went searching the market for a powerful wash fixture and found the Maverick MK2 Wash from CHAUVET Professional, and I was immediately impressed,” stated Wayne. “The thing that impressed me about the Maverick MK2 Wash was its flawlessly even output, custom designed optics, full pixel mapping, virtual gobo wheel with background colours, pre-programmed colours, 7º – 49º zoom range all powered by 12 (40 W) Osram RGBW LEDs. After receiving a demo from Showtools International, I decided to acquire 16 of the fixtures.”

Wayne added, “The Maverick Wash is such a strong wash fixture, the 40W LEDs provided intense colours and are incredibly bright to provide us a great saturated wash that will enable us to cover huge areas within venues/stages and create certain atmospheres. The MK2 Wash will serve to create some eye candy effects and beam effects when for certain productions.” Wayne also commented on the zoom, “The fixtures large zoom range will allow them to be used as beams during performances and as a general wash between shows, plus their virtual gobos gives an extra diversity of looks.”

Having seen other CHAUVET Professional in action thanks to Showtools, Wayne also acquired some warm white ellipsoidals and fresnels. Wayne acquired the Ovation E-260WW Ellipsoidal and Ovation F-265WW Fresnel.

The Ovation E-260WW is powered by a single source 230 W LED that exceeds the output of a 750 W tungsten light source. “This warm white ERS-style fixture boasts extremely smooth dimming as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Also, the control options like selectable PWM, RDM, and selectable dimming curves make the 260WW a virtually silent ellipsoidal.”

The Ovation F-265WW is a high-power Fresnel-style fixture utilizing CHAUVET Professional’s efficient warm white LED system to project a bright, beautifully soft, high CRI (95+) with a motorized zoom with a 27°- 68° field angle. As Wayne said, “These fixtures will be perfect for theatre work.”

After acquiring all these new lighting fixtures, Wayne also needed some new road cases to house the Maverick Washes and Ovations. After seeing the Showcase brand of road cases from Showtools, the choice was easy to go with these cases. “The Showcase brand of road cases were a standout due to the quality of the cases due to each case being equipped with Penn-Elcom Hardware. These cases are durable and are built to last,” emphasized Wayne.

With the acquisition of CHAUVET Professional fixtures to their inventory, Sound Workshop are now equipped in lighting to handle any production or hire request for its various clients headed by their new powerful Maverick MK2 Wash and Ovation fixtures.

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