Rogue R2 and Maverick MK1 in Action

Action Sound was recently asked to convert a bland basketball stadium into a vibrant art space as a backdrop for some youth performances. With a limited budget available, the client brief required A.S. to splash the walls, ceiling and floor with palm frond gobos and colour, an easy task for their new inventory of CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Spots and Washes as well as Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures.

With R2 wash fixtures providing the background colour, gobo projections from the spot fixtures really came to life, creating a moving arty jungle feel with the help of some judicious haze.The R2 washes were able to zoom in to change the intensity in near and far corners, creating a balanced and even colour wash.

While the R2 spots were used across the ceiling, and some old but still good CHAUVET Professional movers hit the floor, the new  MK1 spots were used for the wall projections with superb results. Fitting the new gobos was a simple task, with easy access to the gobo wheels via the access panels in both R2 and MK1 fixtures.

As part of their purchase Action Sound acquired:

6x Maverick MK1 Spots

6x Rogue R2 Washes

As well as Showcase Road Cases including

3x Maverick MK1 Spot Road Case

1x Rogue R2 Wash Road Case

Action Sound have been very happy with their purchases, and plan to increase their stock based on the reliability and value for money their CHAUVET Professional inventory has demonstrated.

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