Go Hire Saddle Up with Eurotruss SR20 Roof

Go Hire The Event People have everything you need to make your event magical. Go Hire have been serving Southern Sydney, Illawarra, the South Coast and Southern Highlands for over 40 years which has led the company to become to the largest event hire business in southern NSW. Whether it is a large outdoor wedding in a marquee, a small intimate ceremony or an exhibition, Go Hire have an exclusive large range of products and 40 years business experience.

As part of servicing such a large region with a wide range of products, the company recently went looking to acquire a roof system that would enable them to expand into larger scale productions. “We were actively looking to acquire a roof system that would give us a point of difference to our competitors in our market as well as expand to other potential markets,” stated Jacob Bazzano, Operations Manager of Go Hire. After seeking information and doing research on the varying options, Go Hire ultimately came to Showtools International and decided to acquire the Eurotruss SR20 Saddle Roof.

The SR20 roof is a tower based structure with a saddle roof top. Designed and calculated to stand alone on its tower base or integrated in a scaffolding stage. The Eurotruss saddle roofs are all constructed using 95% of standard truss sections and have impressive load bearing capacities. Jacob commented, “We chose the SR20 Roof as it is very user friendly with its engineering capability to take a substantial amount of weight in the roof canopy.”

The SR20 Roof is designed and calculated to be set up on single steel bases or can be set up with integrated bases (ballast safes) in any kind of steel scaffolding stage. The top canopy is tightened with tubes and ratchet straps and the wall canopies can be either in full PVC or the wind through mash.

“The roof meets all the required international standards and has been pre-calculated and comes with a full structural report and manual according to the most recent regulations,” Jacob explained. In addition, the roof is a tower based structure with a saddle roof.  Jacob continued, “This saddle roof has a relative high load bearing HD44 Main Rig with an important middle span from front to back and a HD34 roof structure with a fixed angle on the two HD34 gables. This will enable us to re-build the roof in various dimensions depending on the event.”

Jacob also commented on the efficiency of the roof system, “The HD version guarantees a higher workable load, a higher clearance and the combination of 290mm and 400mm truss which will require minimum trucking and storage space. This SR20 Roof can also be lifted motorized or by manual chain hoists.”

Jacob concluded, “The Eurotruss Roof System meets the market standards in terms of size, load bearing capacity, truss system, modularity and flexibility.” With the addition of the Eurotruss SR20 Saddle Roof to Go Hire’s inventory, the company now has a roof system it needs to expand to other markets and enable them to handle larger scale productions.

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