Upright Projects Sets the Stage with Eurotruss for Ormeau Carols

Since 1999 Highway Church has had the honour of presenting the Ormeau Carols, which brings families and the local community together to celebrate the value and wonder of Christmas. This year the carols were held on the Brien Harris Oval with over 10,000 people in attendance.

The Ormeau Carols have been named the best carols on the coast, with the popularity and success of the event underpinned by Upright Project’s world-class rigging and staging. With over 12 years of experience staging events at premiere venues, Upright Projects has a wealth of knowledge, equipment and expertise. Their team of lighting, rigging and audio visual specialists design and supply equipment and labor to many of Australia’s biggest expos and companies. For the last three seasons at the Ormeau Carols, the team at Upright has relied on the Eurotruss Truss System to create impressive stages. This year’s version was no different with Upright Projects utilising the Eurotruss System supplied by Showtools International to create the showpiece of the event, a custom Eurotruss Self-Climbing Stage.

“We used to hire 2 semi-trailer stages and put them together but as the event grew we needed something next level,” stated Joel Nebauer, Managing Director of Upright Projects. “I decided to sponsor the event for 3 years and invest in a top stage structure and Eurotruss was the best product on the market for what we wanted to do.”

“We hold a large inventory of Eurotruss heavy duty high quality box truss that includes the HD34 and HD44, and for the event we used our HD44 truss and the self-climbing system which worked great,” Joel said. “This is the third time we have built this structure but the first time using the climbing system and it made life so much easier.”

Joel continued, “The structure totaled 35m wide and 10m high. The Eurotruss System is an internationally trusted system and was the right choice of truss due to its excellent load capacity, with the 3mm wall thickness in the main tube assuring durability and extra strength as well as its fast-conical connection system. In addition, Eurotruss satisfies all safety and engineering requirements—it meets the highest standards.”

Joel concluded that with the Eurotruss stage structure, it will open new opportunities for Upright Projects, “I’m keen to see what other jobs we can do now with the self-climbers and already looking at some other great opportunities!”

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