Eurotruss TR10 Roof Shines in NZ at Art-Deco Soundshell

A Eurotruss TR10 tunnel roof was used for the New Years Eve 2018 event in the historic ‘Art-Deco Soundshell’ in Napier city, New Zealand.

Sight and Sound Services in Hastings took on the job of creating a solution to increase the small stage size and roof of the venue. This was achieved by adding a Eurotruss TR10 tunnel roof to the front of the existing soundshell roof to extend the roof size, and building a larger floor area with Eurotruss stage decks supplied by MDR Sound and Lighting.

“The Eurotruss System was the perfect solution for the stage needed for the event,” stated Brodie Noon Managing Director of MDR. “The Eurotruss tunnel roofs ticks all the boxes, it meets the market standards in terms of size, loading bearing capacity, truss system, modularity and flexibility.”

Brodie continued, “The Tunnel Roofs carry great features like impressive free clearances, huge load capacities, an integrated ladder truss cantilever and a clamped on keder tent profile that guarantees full closing and allows you full flexibility in depth. The best feature is that these roofs are built out of standard Truss sections.”

The Tunnel Roof consist of standard HD34 straight truss sections and carries great features like an impressive free clearance of 7,5m (24,6ft) and an integrated cantilever of ladder truss. Beside this a clamped on keder tent profile on the truss sections for its canopy, guaranteed Sight and Sound a full closing and allowed them full flexibility in depth for the structure. “The tunnel shape gave Sight and Sound impressive load figures all build from HD34 and using an integrated base in the steel scaffolding stage with Eurotruss stage decks topping it off,” Brodie stated.

Thanks to the use of the Eurotruss TR10 Tunnel Roof by Sound and Sound Services for the ‘Art-Deco Soundshell’ event, the venue was brought to life with a larger stage and this now opens the historic venue to much larger format shows. This also marks the first Eurotruss stage roof to be brought into NZ.