Sound House adds to its inventory with CHAUVET Professional

Sound House specialises in supplying professional sound, lighting, staging and vision services for a wide variety of events. The company operate statewide and their experienced team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. Sound House have the capacity to assist with all event sizes and we will work with clients to help them achieve all their needs.

The company headed by Managing Director Simon Widdowson explained, “We get a real buzz out of live production and our team believes there is no better feeling than putting on a perfect live show and we always ensure we exceed your expectations.” In order for Sound House to continue to do achieve this, Simon recently went to the market looking to expand the company’s lighting inventory and in particular a powerful wash light. After seeing through the many options, he noticed the new COLORado Panel Q40 from CHAUVET Professional. After being very impressed with the fixtures features, Simon decided to acquire the Q40 fixtures in Showcase Road Cases from Showtools International.

“We were looking for a compact but powerful wash light and when we came across the COLORado Panel Q40, we knew it was the right fixture for us,” said Simon. The COLORado Panel Q40 is a powerful IP65-rated rectangular wash light that features 40 15 W RGBW LEDs capable of flawless edge-to-edge color mixing.

Simon emphasized the features that really stood out, “With the Panel Q40 it is a rugged indoor/outdoor unit and with its bright output it also makes it well-suited for outdoor applications allowing us to have the flexibility regardless of where the event is held.”

“The Q40 comes with a magnetic flood filter which will enable us to produce both a wider and still even wash area which will be perfect for festivals, amphitheaters and similar outdoor venues without sacrificing color quality. The fixture can also be manipulated with adjustable beam angles of 15° or 24° and is rounded off with adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera and selectable, smooth dimming curves to eliminate flicker and choppiness in fades.”

The fixture also provides Sound House versatility with control options that include DMX, WDMX & RDM for added flexibility. Its outdoor rated power and data connectors can be connecting quickly and easily without the need for propriety cabling.

With the COLORado Panel Q40 now in their inventory, Sound House now has a powerful wash light that will give their events and clients a different dimension in addition to keeping up with all their clients demands. “There is a growing demand for outdoor rated wash fixtures that offer the larger coverage area and superior colour mixing and that’s what the COLORado Panel Q40 gives us,” concluded Simon.