Pristine Productions Sets the Stage with Eurotruss Roof

Pristine Production is a leading provider of audio visual, hire, sales and equipment in Griffith NSW. From hiring the best quality equipment, to the installation of audio and lighting systems, they will work with you to bring your event to life. The company’s reputation is based on reliable products with efficient service and a friendly helpful attitude.

With the company rapidly growing and looking to cater for more larger events, one solution for the company was to acquire their first roof system. Therefore, Mark Macedone, Managing Director of Pristine Productions recently researched the market looking to acquire a roof structure that he could trust. “We have seen recently the demand increase for roof systems so I went to the market to see which roof system would suit our needs and requirements and this lead us to the Eurotruss SR10 Saddle Roof,” stated Mark. “Having already used the Eurotruss System with great success in the past, it was a clear choice to go with the Eurotruss Roof from Showtools International.” After discussing with Showtools, Pristine Productions decided to acquire the SR10 8×6 Roof.

Mark described some of the benefits of the Eurotruss SR10 Roof. “The Eurotruss SR-10 roof guarantees a good workable load and this combination ensures us less trucking and storage space, which is a big bonus. This SR10 Roof can be motorised lifted or by manual chain hoists. Safety is another vital factor and Eurotruss has that covered as the roof meets all the required international standard. The roof has been pre-calculated and comes with a full structural report and manual according the most recent regulations.”

The SR10 Roof is designed and calculated to be set up on single steel bases. The top canopy is tightened with tubes and ratchet straps with the wall canopies can be either in full PVC or the wind through mash. The SR10 Roof consist of a Eurotruss HD34 Ground Support on four HD34 Towers and a Roof Structure of HD Truss and Roof Ladder Supports.

Mark also commented on the versatility of the Saddle Roof, “The SR10 Roof is a tower based structure with a saddle roof. The Eurotruss roof is great due to it having a relative high load bearing HD34 Main Rig with an HD34 roof structure and a fixed angle on the two HD34 gables. “This is a huge benefit to us as it will enable us as a company to re-build the roof in various dimensions depending on the scale of event/production to suit each of our client’s needs.”

“Another benefit of The Eurotruss SR10 roof is that it is built with standard HD34 pieces which increases the load bearing capacity of the roof,” explained Mark. “This is because the ground support and additional roof is mainly built out of standard HD 34 elements, only a few special roof parts are required to build the roof. This makes the SR10 a very attractive and efficient roof that suits our needs perfectly.”

With Pristine Productions now owning a Eurotruss SR10 Roof, the company not only will be able to service events of all sizes in Griffith but it in other markets as well. “We already have a few jobs lined up where the SR10 Roof will be in action and we couldn’t be happier,” concluded Mark. “We can’t wait to see what we can achieve with the Eurotruss system!”

The Eurotruss SR10 Roof is now available for hire at Pristine Productions, phone Mark Macedone on 0403675195.