Diverse AV Makes Impact with Eurotruss Sound Towers

iverse Audio Visual Events brings cutting edge technology and world-class expertise, coupled with creativity, passion and dedication to excellence. The company have the very best tools-of-the-trade to ensure that your audio – visual needs are entirely catered for. This was made evident when the company went to the market seeking an PA tower system for the many events they have lined up for this year. The search led them to come to Showtools International and the Eurotruss Truss System. After seeing The Eurotruss Sound Towers in action for various companies around the world and in Australia, the company decided to acquire 2 of the towers.

“Since getting our Line array system, the demand for the Eurotruss System has gone through the roof,” stated Brad Hurle Managing Director of Diverse AV. “Having the Eurotruss Sound Towers on shows that involve the likes of Shannon Noll and Monster Energy Drink Company as well as having it as a complete cross hire package has been really great for our company!”

The Eurotruss Sound Towers are in principal stand-alone towers to erect and support big PA Clusters at a given optimum height. The Sound Towers are all designed and calculated to perform in the outdoor scene. For each PA size and self-weight, Eurotruss offers a matching Sound Tower solution which is easy and safe to set up, self-erecting PA and cost and space effective.

Brad explained why he went with the Eurotruss Tower, “We chose Eurotruss because of the advice from Dave Crowson from Get Rigged. He is an avid user of Eurotruss and he has use the system for many years, he speaks very highly of it, so we decided to go down that path and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The design of the HD34 Audio Tower is based on the V-shaped basement combined with an angled mast to hang the PA Cluster in the right position. The Tower requires ballast depending on the self-weight and size of the PA Cluster.  The Eurotruss Sound Tower is based on standard HD34 Aluminum truss.

“Having dedicated kits we now have the ability to do a full package deal and deliver direct solutions for our clientele that is growing at a rather rapid rate,” stated Brad. “The advantage of these towers is that they are a very straight forward system that works in well with the size of our PA systems and once again keeping in with the Eurotruss name that Get Rigged and many other companies trust.”