2019 TV Week Logie Awards Red Carpet gets Creative with Portman & GLP

The TV Week Logie Awards is an annual gathering to celebrate Australian television. This year the red-carpet lighting was designed by Daniel Saveski of GTV9 Lighting Melbourne

When told the event was being held in Queensland, Daniel chose Creative Productions as lighting vendor.

“I have always kept up to date with Creative following their new gear Friday posts so I knew I had a company with great toys to play with,” Said Daniel. “The crew led by my systems tech Scott Black were outstanding. Their can-do attitudes and level of quality made the entire experience fantastic and I will defiantly be using these guys again!” remarked Daniel.

“For the Red Carpet, I used a mixture of Portman P1 Retro and P2 Hexaline, GLP X4 Bar 20s and GLP X4 Ls.”

Daniel described why he chose Portman: “First of all I love the old-school look of the fixture. It’s beautiful to look at, sleek, big and the best part is you don’t need external dimmers to run it which means less power. I wanted to add a Retro look to the rig, not only for the wide Jib shots coming in and out of breaks but also to make the talent feel they’re attending something high profile.”

“When you say red carpet, you want it to feel glamorous and The Portman P1 Retro and P2 Hexaline combined made that happen!” Daniel concluded.