GLP KNV Dots go Above and Beyond for the first time in Australia!

Above and Beyond Production Services (AABPS) have a reputation for providing their clients with creative & innovative solutions. Located in Melbourne, Victoria they work with event, expo, festival and production companies nationwide.

The company is passionate about entertainment production & are driven by the challenge to create something ultimately spectacular and unique.

AABPS are at the forefront of the latest lighting equipment and this was evident recently when they became the first company to take delivery of the new GLP KNV Dot Fixtures in Australia. The company acquired 60 Dots to go in their ever-growing inventory.

The KNV system from GLP brings a whole new dynamic to entertainment lighting, groundbreaking in both design and functionality. The four variants, the KNV Cube, KNV Arc, KNV Line and KNV Dot all work as independent units or can be seamlessly combined together.

“The KNV Dot was a must have fixture for us as it provides us with a whole new level of versatility and freedom in design, all in an outdoor rated housing,” explained Jeremy ‘Jez’ Nolan Managing Director at Above and Beyond Production Services.

Jeremy described the KNV Dot, “The KNV Dot is a singular pixel source containing a super bright white LED, encircled by 16 RGB LED’s with full colour mixing capability with powerful output. It has Independent control over both the white LED’s and the RGB LED’s, which allows us the creation of a vast array of effects that we need, with both a full colour pallette and added punch when we need it. The KNV has an immense output when combining its elements, with each Dot unit capable of producing 2,000 lumens, creating the brightest blinder and wash light effects, without ever thermalling out or reducing its output level. The KNV Dot is also perfect to hang in locations where multiple units are required for greater coverage. Another benefit is the fixtures IP54 rating. The IP54 rating allows the units to be used on events year-round, in even the toughest of weather conditions.”

AABPS have already put the fixtures to good use supplying them for latest Hilltop Hoods tour with LD Paul Owen behind the console.

Delivering fantastic looks, whether used stand alone or combined with other KNV fixtures, the KNV Line and KNV Dot offer some powerful design options in a multitude of applications.

For more information or to experience the Power of the KNV System for yourself please contact your local Showtools Rep or email [email protected] to arrange a demo.