Above and Beyond join the circle of truss with Eurotruss

After acquiring the new GLP KNV Dots from Showtools as well as Showcase Road Cases, Above and Beyond Production Services (AABPS) recently went back to Showtools looking to expand their inventory with some trussing. After seeing the Eurotruss Truss System in action, both in Australia and internationally with great success, AABPS decided to acquire a large batch of Eurotruss HD44 square truss of varying lengths.

The Eurotruss HD44 square truss comes with excellent load capacity on free spans of 18m (59 feet) or to be used as tower elements with an extra welded climbing brace on one side (TD44). “HD44 uses the 3mm wall thickness in the maintube which assures durability and optimal load bearing as well as extra strength. It is designed for high frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading,” stated Jeremy Nolan Managing Director at AABPS.

“The Eurotruss System is a great system for us, you need a level of trust, accuracy and reliability when building structures and the Eurotruss ticked all the boxes. The Eurotruss system provides structural integrity some other brands of truss don’t provide with efficient and modern production technology. It is perfect for the type of rigging required for the various installs and events we do in terms of: size, truss system, modularity and flexibility Eurotruss is also the founder of the efficient and effective conical connection system which will help optimise set up times,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy concluded, “The Eurotruss system will provide us with the perfect rigging solutions for all types of events, with trussing that would fulfil a variety of requirements, making it an ideal trussing system for AABPS.”