Eurovision 2020 Australia Decides with Spotrack

For the second year running Showtools were engaged to work with the eleven DESIGN Team as the annual Eurovision Decides song contest made its way back to the Gold Coast. Spotrack was cleverly integrated into this year’s design by lighting designer Paul Collison and enabled the team to achieve the consistency of the key light and creativity required.

Paul Collison (PC) and the eleven DESIGN Team have a lot of experience with using the Spotrack systems on previous shows and were again able to achieve the flexibility and control required for a show like this through the latest technology and advances Spotrack 2020 provides.

“The Eurovision Australia Decides show is a great platform to utilise the strength and features available in Spotrack as we are not limited by particular fixture allocation or positioning. The
current 2020 version of Spotrack allows multi universe control of up to 256 fixtures, well beyond what was needed this year but it gives us the flexibility to use our key light in a more creative way whilst maintaining incredible control, precision and consistency. We can seamlessly switch control from Spotrack back to the console to be used in a lighting scene, or select additional light sources to be controlled via Spotrack” said PC.

PC added “We had 2 x Systems that allowed us to track 2 x targets using various configurations of the 11 x Profiles CLDs in tracking front light and back light in tracking front light and back light. This enabled us to quickly modify the look required to suit the individual acts and desired camera shots. We
engaged with the Showtools team to assist on this particular project with additional systems required and together have been able to get a great understanding of the potential of Spotrack within our market”.

The latest Spotrack 2020 Version supports New features such as:

* Multi Universe Control – Spotrack 2020 supports up to 256 fixtures patched at once.
* Multi Camera – Multiple Cameras are supported providing a “box in box” view.
* Advanced flying truss support – Spotrack will keep the lights on target over the
movement range of the truss (from 255 – 16.7 million steps).

SPOTRACK – Any Moving Light, Any Console, Any Space, Always on Target