Go Hire Go with Eurotruss for Wedding in Mount Pleasant

When Go Hire the Event People were contracted to do a wedding marquee in Mount Pleasant, a suburb of Wollongong, they knew Eurotruss was the truss of choice for the structure required based on their past experiences.

“Majority of the gear used for this marquee was The Eurotruss Truss System, which we purchased from Showtools when we acquired the Eurotruss SR20 stage to great success,” Stated Jacob Bazzano, Operation Manager at Go Hire. “For this structure, we also purchased additional truss to make it work and we had a custom Skin designed by Tom at Pattons in Botany.”

Jacob described the design of the marquee, “We are primarily an event hire business erecting marquees. A customer of ours had an odd sized court yard and wanted to maximise the coverage as well as make it protected from the rain. I quoted a standard marquee that didn’t quite fill the area. Our client asked if there was something else we could do. I had a thought and came up with the idea of doing a custom truss structure and cantilever over existing awnings to maximise the coverage and protection from the weather. The structure was designed by Tobi at CMG AV and critiqued by Eurotruss engineers.”

Jacob continued, “Once again Eurotruss was a great choice for the structure, not only did it look great in the space but the versatility of the Eurotruss system ticked every box based off the customers requirements. I was very happy with the end result. The customer was also very happy with the functionality and the way the structure presented in the space. The customer has made a further booking to use this structure for a future event at their home.”

Now that Jacob has added more to Go Hire’s inventory the company is looking at ways to maximise their Eurotruss Truss System, “As we are primarily party/event hire business, staging is only a small portion of our work. I have been looking at ways to maximise the use of our investment in the SR20 Structure and with having purchased all the additional components, we now have the ability to do various structures of all sizes just by the addition of another custom skin.”