LifeSource Christian Church Upgrades with Showtools International

LifeSource Christian Church is a contemporary pentecostal church located on the North Shore of Sydney. John & Anne have been the Senior Pastors of the Church since January 1996 and both have been in ministry since 1981. They are both passionate about seeing people come into their God-given destiny.

As part of the Church’s services, they hold various events throughout the year that are in need of lighting fixtures and control which led them to come to Showtools International. “We already had a single DMX Avolite console, but we needed a major upgrade to allow for additional fixtures,” stated John McLennan, Creative Director at LifeSource.

“This led me to Showtools International who are the distributor for Avolites and we decided to upgrade to the Avolites Quartz Console. The Quartz punches well above its weight, handling our shows with ease. The travel case means it can travel anywhere.”

The Quartz is the smallest all-in-one console, with high quality hardware and an ultra-bright touchscreen in a compact size. “The features of the Quartz are great from 16 Universes of DMX from the console, Expandable with Titan Net Processor up to 64 universes, 10 precision playback faders and 12.1″ angled touch screen with brightness control, explained John.

As part of the upgrade, John was looking for a powerful moving head to be used for key lighting and came across the Maverick MK2 Profile from CHAUVET Professional, “The Maverick MK2 Profile provides great value, features and quality,” said John. “The high CRI/TLCI is great for broadcasting and for its price range made this a must buy. “The high-quality white light is also very important to us. The Maverick MK2 delivers ultimate precision via its advanced 4-blade dual position rotating framing system, a stunningly bright 440 W LED engine, two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels, CMY + CTO colour mixing, a 7-position + white colour wheel, variable frost, 3-facet prism, and a 13° to 38° zoom range,” John stated.

To round out the lighting acquisition, the Church also upgraded with the TourPro Soft Panel 300TW, “The TourPro Studio Soft Panel is a fantastic soft light perfect for broadcasting with RGBWLC LEDs, CT 3000K – 10,000K, Greenshift adjustment, 66° Dispersion with Diffuser, 16 Bit Dimming curves, Electronic strobe, Refresh rate 900 – 25kHZ, 3 & 5 Pin DMX, RDM and Artnet

Lifesource also upgraded their rigging with the purchase of the Eurotruss H-Frames from Showtools. With the new Modular H-Frame Eurotruss offers a multi-flexible and complete modular solution for suspended lights. “The new system enables an ‘endless’ configuration of single and double suspensions as well as ladder systems for various lights – both suspended and upright mounted,” John said. “Our existing lighting bars are too high in the room. The angle of the lights were approximately 45-50 degrees above the plane of the stage. We used the Eurotruss H frames to bring the fixtures down 500-750mm for a more flattering angle of lighting for camera.”

The fixtures and the H-Frame were first used on LifeSource Christian Church YouTube channel, for their May 2nd 2021 service. “We used 2x MK2 Profiles and 2x Soft Panels on a ceiling lighting bar approximately 5m away from stage front and 4m up. The 2x soft panels on another ceiling lighting bar approximately 1m from stage, 6m up, and at an angle of 6m laterally from centre stage for infill. It was a great success,” said John.

John concluded, “Showtools sells the right products that provide the right solutions for our Church, with their sales team providing fantastic help and consistently work with us. We look forward to purchasing more fixtures from them in the future.”