Harry the hirer Productions expands with Eurotruss HDX45

As one of Australia’s most comprehensive event technology services, Harry the hirer Productions specialize in enhancing events through their world-class productions services and products. The company’s event hire equipment ranges from, audio visual, draping, LEDs, lighting, rigging, to staging.

A major part of their rigging inventory is the Eurotruss Trussing System. As long time users of Eurotruss, the company is always interested in investing and being ahead of the curb when it comes to new products. So when Eurotruss launched the new HD45X truss, Harry the hirer Productions became the first company to acquire the truss through supplier Showtools International, acquiring 1m and 3m lengths.

“We are always looking for new technology or equipment that will provide a point of difference to our clients, and the Eurotruss HDX45 Truss will certainly do that,” stated Simon Finlayson General Manager at Harry the hirer Productions.

HDX45 is a square truss based on the ‘’Eurotruss original’’ HD44 Truss, The HDX45 truss is based on 50×4 mm main tube which ensures strength and maximum durability, the truss is designed for high-frequency usage or fixed installations. “The HD45X has a 50×4 mm additional tube placed in the center of the truss at the bottom and allows rigging bars of LED screens or other loads to be connected directly,” stated Simon. “This center chord has a slightly higher trim height than other LED Screen Truss solutions, and the use of narrow aluminum plates instead of tubes allows more space for the positioning of clamps or slings. If the additional center tube is used, logically other loading capacities apply. Therefore, multiple load tables have been made available for this truss.”

Simon continued, “The benefits of the HDX45 is that it can be combined with HD44 truss lengths because it has the same geometry size. The truss is also equipped with the well-known CS1 coupling system.”

“The loads applied on the middle beam are equally divided over both sides of the truss. In combination with the support plates constructed in the node points, the perfect situation for loading the truss is achieved,” explained Simon.

The design of the HDX45 is based on the philosophy of avoiding as much welding as possible; mounting the center tube results in this part of the truss not taking normal force. With the middle beam mounted, there will be no bending in braces and main tubes, which ultimately results in a better load rating on HDX45 compared to fully welded middle beam LED truss as the forces in the main tube are not reduced by additional bending.

“The HDX45 truss is a truss specifically designed for rigging LED screens or other central loads. When rigging LED Screens, it is well known that minimal deflection is required to prevent damage to LED panels,” said Simon. “The HDX45 can be loaded in different ways, like a normal truss or only on the tube that is centrally incorporated into the product. This is also the reason why there are multiple loading tables, one when only the center tube is loaded and a standard table where both outer tubes are used for loading.”

“With the acquisition of the Eurotruss HD45X, we now have a versatile solution when facing issues with placing loads like LED screens, lighting fixtures, or decor on a central position of the truss. HDX45 is a valuable addition to our inventory,” concluded Simon.