RTR build with Eurotruss for Hopkins Creek

The long-awaited return of Hopkins Creek was back for its fifth birthday in March with an incredible line up of local and international talent. Hopkins Creek nurtures the joys of intimacy within a setting that appears remarkably infinite, experience a unique journey through light & sound led by a diverse selection of Australia’s most alluring artists. Indulge in a safe world for self-expression and exploration, connect to the music, the land and each other.

As part of the event was the stage structure that was put in place for all the talent to perform on stage. RTR Productions were contracted and came to Showtools International to acquire specific Eurotruss pieces for the stage.

“The design process, the client contacted us about 6 weeks out of their event with a picture of something they would like to do,” said Paul Shearman Project Manager at RTR Productions. I did some rendering of what we could do in a short period of time Using capture lighting software.

Paul explained, “Once we got the go ahead, we urgently needed some 135 degree truss corner pieces to achieve the structure. As advocates of the Eurotruss truss system it was a no brainer to contact Showtools to get these pieces in. Thankfully Showtools was able to get the 135 corner pieces airfreighted in time to make it all possible.”

“The truss used for the stage was all Eurotruss HD34 and it’s an easy choice due to the highly trusted system, its excellent and efficient conical connection system and its structural integrity,” explained Paul. “We had the structure engineered and we were able to get a really good load rating of 140KG per meter UDL.”

“The reason we used Eurotruss is because it goes together super quick and efficiently allowing easier set-ups. In addition, it has a great load rating which can do massive spans and it’s a tour ready product that we trust for almost any task,” Paul said. A bonus is the service Showtools and Eurotruss provide as we got the custom pieces in a month from Europe.”

“We also utilised some Nivtec Staging for the structure that the artists performed on,” continued Paul. “With Nivtec you get an efficient staging system. One of the main reasons for choosing Nivtec was the ease of use with its hook-on system that will enable us to create solutions for all our clients like Hopkins Creek.

Paul stated, “The Nivtec Staging System provides technology, quality, precision, care and “By acquiring the Nivtec System it was save us money, power and time. With the effective hook-on system, it allows us to be more efficient as the stage is quicker to assemble with less people, helping us tremendously with any deadlines we may have.”