Jay Productions Loads up with CM Lodestar

Jay Productions & Events continues to provide its partners with a scrupulous level of technological achievement and client satisfaction. The team has great confidence in the equipment and products they provide.

A major factor that makes Jay Productions successful are their products perform above and beyond client expectations to ensure the delivery of service.

Recently, Jay Productions came to Showtools International looking to acquire chain motors and hoists for upcoming events and installations. After extensive research, Jay Productions decided to acquire CM Lodestar Chain Motors and Hoists from Showtools International.

“We chose The Lodestar D8+ electronic motor as it meets all current standard requirements. It’s clutch, outside the load path, acts as a precise overload device; and design factor is 8:1 with a double brake installed,” stated Jason Ghazal, Director of Jay Productions.

“The D8+ comes equipped with Heavy duty double DC brake, Adjustable limit switch that will

automatically stop the hook at any predetermined point when either lifting or lowering,” stated Jason. It is designed to prevent lifting of excessive overloads. Located outside the gearbox and easy to access. In addition, it is road ready – Easy to stow and travel.

The standout features of the Lodestar D8+ include:

An Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 66 indicates that the Lodestar offers protection from dust and high pressure water – making this unit ideal for use in outdoor environments.

Clutch outside of the gear train meets international standards. Designed to prevent damage to the hoist by preventing excessive overloads.

5 pocket lift wheel for quiet and smooth operation, precision helical gearing, designed for long life and smoother operation.

Low Voltage Control: 110 Volt for long cable runs without voltage drop. 24 and 48 volt optional.

Duty Cycle: H-4 duty rated for heavy duty application.

Finger safe wiring meets all electrical codes Quick change plugs allow for voltages 230 through 460. Prevents improper voltage connections which can cause hoist damage. Zinc plated to protect against corrosion. Black phosphate finish optional.

In addition, Jay Products also acquired Prostar Electric Chain Hoist. Jay explain, “Lightweight, quiet and portable, the CM Prostar electric chain motor is designed and built for the unique rigging needs encountered at small venues. It features an overload device that protects the hoist, operator and structure from damaging overloads. The main features include One Piece jam-free chain guide for quiet and smooth operation, overload protection helps prevent lifting of dangerous overloads and chain stop mounted on load chain prevents over-travel.