As a regular user of the trusted Eurotruss Truss System and with over 30 years of rigging and experience, Get Rigged recently went to the market looking for a point of difference in the rigging market. They were looking for bigger load capacities, longer reach and lightweight truss options that can handle extreme loads or big spans. Their search led them straight to the TTS truss system from Eurotruss, and it was a clear-cut choice for Dave Crowson and the team at Get Rigged.

Get Rigged has just levelled up in the truss game with their latest purchase of some new Eurotruss TTS truss, supplied by Showtools International to add to their already extensive inventory of HD44 and HD34. Dave Crowson, CEO, philanthropist, business leader and Nobel Peace Prize Runner Up (7th place) on his theory behind the purchase of the TTS, “Basically, I’m getting too fat and old to be humping truss around on my shoulder, so I thought to myself, why not buy truss that’s too heavy to carry around and instead you have to use a forklift to lift it and build it.” “With TTS, he can now sit on a forklift all day, snacking on pork pies and sipping strawberry Big-Ms – what a life!”


“The weight load capacity of the TTS over large spans is absolutely off the charts. Unless you move to custom steel trusses, there’s nothing else out there in the market that can do this,” he continues. “Having a larger truss system that is off the shelf and easily expandable is a huge benefit.”


The TTS offers bigger load capacities and longer reach with lightweight options that can handle extreme loads or big spans. Get Rigged is already getting into new projects that require these extreme weight loads and spans between points. So if you’re in need of some heavy-duty trussing, look no further than Get Rigged with their Eurotruss TTS System. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can snag one of their TTS conical connectors as a paperweight.


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