Harry the Hirer impressed with GLP impressions FR1

Harry the Hirer (HtH) is a renowned event production company that prides itself on delivering outstanding lighting experiences. They are always on the lookout for new technology that could elevate their events to the next level. Their latest acquisition from Showtools International, the GLP impression FR1 is a powerful and versatile fixture that quickly became one of their favourite tools.

According to Marcus Pugh Production Account Manager at Harry the Hirer, one of the FR1’s main selling features is its ability to be easily hidden. Many clients preferred not to see the fixture itself, but they loved the light it produced. HtH plans to use the FR1 in large quantities as a roof or upstage feature.

Marcus highly recommends the FR1 as an exceptional tool for event production. Its top-notch build quality, size, weight, and front fresnel style lens making it stand out from the competition. The pan and tilt speed of the device allows the team to create memorable colour movement effects and the feedback from clients has been nothing short of outstanding.

Harry the Hirer utilized the FR1 on many low-roof venues as subtle table spots that could also work for the dance floor at the end of the night or accent moments during the night. They also used them as ‘eye candy’ behind a band or performance. The low weight meant they could be rigged off a single vertical pipe or push-up without the need for trussing or large rigging elements.

“The FR1 was perfect for corporate dinners, weddings, low-roof venues, band/DJ shows, and brand activations as part of a larger installation,” continues Marcus. They even rigged them in small ceiling cavities where they couldn’t fit any other moving light and struggled to get even a static profile or wash light.

The FR1 is a remarkable lighting tool that delivers a soft homogenised beam from a very small package. With its super-fast 3.5° to 35° zoom range, 16-bit dimming and position control, as well as continuous pan rotation, it is a force to be reckoned with. The baseless design ensures easy setup with power in and thru connectors and safety wire points. The FR1 is the perfect solution for lighting art, centrepieces, costumes, and displays, thanks to its exceptional combination of quality, power, size, and fun.

Harry the Hirer struggled to keep up with demand, especially for the white housing units. They were constantly working to meet the growing demand from their clients. And the team couldn’t wait to get their hands on the FR10 bars as seen on the GLP stand at ProLight+Sound to add up to their plethora of lighting fixtures for future client demands.

Overall, the FR1 was an essential tool for Harry the Hirer’s event production. It allowed them to create amazing lighting effects that delighted their clients and brought their events to life.

Photos by: Harry the hirer Productions