More staging for Staging Creations!

Staging Creations, a leading provider of event staging platforms in Brisbane is pleased to announce the acquisition of over 120 new NiVtec staging platforms from Showtools International. This strategic move further cements their dedication to delivering up to large-scale staging solutions for the entertainment and live event industry in Queensland.

The acquisition of NiVtec staging solutions from Showtools and the brand’s commitment to precision engineering and durable construction has made them a trusted brand in the industry which brings more leverage to drive advancements in staging technology. The NiVtec staging platforms are known for their versatility, easy setup, and robustness, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of events.

“We are thrilled to add to our ever-growing Nivtec inventory from Showtools International,” said Dale Cartwright, Managing Director of Staging Creations. “This staging upgrade allows us to offer an even broader range of innovative solutions to our clients in the entertainment industry. With Staging Creations’ expertise and the addition of NiVtec staging platforms, we are well-positioned to enhance the experiences of live events, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

Photos by: Staging Creations