Museums Victoria partners with Showtools International to Illuminate Scienceworks Exhibit

Museums Victoria has collaborated with Showtools International to create an awe-inspiring exhibition at Scienceworks called “Illuminate: How Science Comes to Light.” Central to the exhibition’s design is the innovative use of Eurotruss, supplied by Showtools International, which provides the essential structure for walls, scrim, lighting, and signage, while dividing the space into interactive ‘zones.’

The exhibit features the Eurotruss HD34, a product with exceptional load capacity on free spans of up to 18m and with a CPL of 320kg and ULD of 36kg, it can also be used as tower elements. The HD34’s main tube boasts a 3mm wall thickness, ensuring durability and added strength. It is specifically designed for frequent usage or installations that demand higher loading capabilities.

Adelle Talarico, Exhibitions Project Manager at Museums Victoria, explained the significance of Eurotruss in shaping the exhibition space, stating, “The truss is our main built form for the space, serving as the backbone for our walls, scrim, lighting, and signage. It not only provides essential structure but also creates distinct interactive ‘zones’ within the exhibition. It references the immersive experience of being near a stage in a festival set amidst a forest.”

When selecting a truss solution, Museums Victoria turned to Eurotruss based on their prior positive experiences and the recommendation of their trusted rigger. The decision was based on Eurotruss’s reputation for ease of installation, reliability, and durability. Its renowned expertise and comprehensive range of event technology solutions, ensured a seamless integration of trussing into the exhibition’s design.

The Illuminate exhibition at Scienceworks is designed to captivate visitors by providing an in-depth exploration of the fascinating world of light and the scientific principles that support it. The exhibit is to lead visitors to discover the wonders of light at a festival-themed show with six zones to experiment with colours, shadows, mirrors, lenses, lasers, and more. Move between zones, take breaks in the rest area, and enjoy creating a light symphony with others. Perfect for the whole family, learn and explore new insights about the fascinating world of light with this exhilarating experience.

Museums Victoria continues to push the boundaries of innovation in their exhibitions, creating immersive experiences that educate, entertain, and inspire visitors of all ages. The collaboration with Showtools International and the use of Eurotruss in the Illuminate exhibition exemplify their commitment to delivering top-class experiences.

Photos by: Museums Victoria