Technical Events unveils spectacular lighting PXL Bar16s

Technical Events based in Melbourne has previously upgraded its lighting capabilities with the acquisition of a show-stunner suite of new lighting products, including an impressive 8x Chauvet Professional PXL Bar16 which has swiftly established itself as the helpful piece of Technical Events’ enhanced lighting arsenal.

Scott Dickson, Managing Director at Technical Events stated, “This investment is set to enhance the visual landscape of our shows, stage looks, and presentations. Designed to seamlessly integrate along the top or bottom of their newly installed LED screen, the PXL bars have proven to be a powerful tool in creating attention-grabbing effects that elevate every facet of their productions.”

The COLORado PXL Bar 16 is an exceptional outdoor-ready light fixture that offers the versatility of both narrow and wide pixel-mappable looks. With its motorised and tiltable feature, it can easily be zoomed, providing seamless edge-to-edge mounting. This bright and moving pixel bar is equipped with virtual gobo and movement macros, along with separate foreground and background colour control, allowing you to explore a wide range of design options. The COLORado PXL Bar 16 can be placed on the ground for different light angles, and with two zones of control, you can unleash endless possibilities that will surely captivate your audience.

Importantly for Scott and his team, the IP rating of the PXL Bars has been a pivotal factor in their selection. This exceptional feature not only ensures optimal performance indoors but also empowers Technical Events to extend their creative expertise to the great outdoors. The bars have been ingeniously deployed along the front of outdoor stages, braving varying weather conditions to deliver awesome lighting displays. Also, one of the standout features of the PXL Bars is their ability to generate a captivating light curtain effect flawlessly executed and brilliantly orchestrated.

“We are excited to introduce this new lighting fixture to our clients,” said Scott. “The Chauvet Professional PXL Bars have been so great, from their versatility to their ability to work even in challenging conditions, we are confident that these new additions will complement our way of event lighting.”

The PXL Bars have already illuminated several remarkable occasions, notable events include the Winter Ball held in June and a recent show at the renowned Two Ton Max venue. These events have beautifully showcased the PXL Bars’ transformative capabilities.

As Technical Events continues to set new industry benchmarks, the introduction of the PXL Bars underscores their commitment to delivering continued event experiences. With their innovative approach and state-of-the-art equipment lighting inventory, Technical Events remains poised to be on top of their game in event production.

Photo by : Technical Events