HSU-Knockout Outdoor lit up with CHAUVET Professional Strike M strobes

The summer festival season kicked off with a bang as Harder Style United (HSU) with the highly anticipated Knockout Outdoor event in Sydney. Renowned for its hardcore music and electrifying entertainment, Knockout Outdoor did not disappoint its dedicated partygoers this year.

A crucial element that contributed to the unforgettable atmosphere of the event was the spectacular lighting setup, Arian Yeganeh from Integratd masterfully executed the heart of the lighting design utilising the impressive Chauvet Professional Strike Ms supplied by Chameleon Touring Systems, with 46 fixtures proving to be the perfect choice to elevate the visual experience where the Chauvet strobes were the crucial layer in the lighting design.

The Chauvet Professional Strike Ms is an IP65-rated motorised strobe/wash fixture that boasts two ultra-bright white light tube elements, surrounded by a mesmerizing colour-mixing and pixel-mappable face. Its versatility knows no bounds, as it can function as both a strobe and a wash fixture with a 180° tilt range, casting vibrant, saturated colours wherever needed. Designed to withstand the elements, the IP65 casing ensures the fixture’s resilience against environmental factors and adverse weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor events. Additionally, the fixture comes equipped with two omega-bracket attachments, allowing for easy horizontal or vertical mounting without any hassle.

The HSU-Knockout Outdoor Festival is a highly anticipated event that takes place annually. Their ability to set the bar higher with each year, the festival draws in a large audience and the organizers always put the effort in ensuring that every aspect of the festival is of top-notch quality, from the music and performances to the lighting and overall atmosphere with the help of the Strike M fixtures. It is an unforgettable experience that leaves attendees with a sense of excitement and anticipation for every summer festival season.

Photos by: Harder Style United