Resolution X Hoists with CM Lodestar

Ensuring the safety of everyone is paramount in the world of event production, particularly when dealing with large concerts and complex setups involving lighting and rigging fixtures. The high stakes involved in such events make it crucial for companies like ResX to prioritise safety without compromising efficiency. One of the key elements in achieving this balance is the investment in hoist motors that not only support the speedy execution of events but also meet rigorous reliability standards. Hoist motors play a critical role in lifting and moving heavy equipment and their reliability is essential to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth production process.

Resolution X adds more to their CM Lodestar hoist inventory by acquiring a significant number of CM Lodestar D8+ 1t and 500kg. The CM Lodestar brand and its motors, especially the D8+ motors, are renowned for their reliability, allowing events to run seamlessly while concurrently reducing rigging costs and time. This became the driving force behind this ResX investment which lies in the evolving compliance standards within the Australian venue landscape, where D8+ compliance is increasingly becoming a necessity.

“At Resolution X, we believe in investments that make a real difference,” said Tim Hall, Managing Director at Resolution X. “The huge investment in D8+ motors not only modernise our inventory but also provides improved safety for our clients, optimising their overall rigging experiences and most importantly meeting the ever-changing standards at venues across the country.”

The CM Lodestar D8+ is the upgraded unit of the D8 version, which was a standard in the majority of hoist applications with only one brake. The D8+ version adds a second brake, changing the clutch, which adds more advantages in applications, especially if it’s necessary to suspend loads above people without the option to have secondary support.

CM Lodestar, a recognised and trusted name in the rigging industry, was the natural choice for ResX. “We have some 30+ year CM units that have had many overhauls but have worked tirelessly during their lives. It’s time for them to move to retirement. That’s why we’re adding new D8+ CM in the 500kg and 1000kg range,” expressed by Tim. The CM brand is known for its reliability and performance, CM Lodestar D8+ motors not only comply with industry standards but also bring a level of dependability that aligns seamlessly with ResX’s commitment to delivering exceptional event production solutions. “It’s hard to go past a tried and trusted workhorse that we have all worked with for years. Only these are new, shiny and safer!” Tim adds.

ResX recognises that it is imperative for the industry to align with these standards and is taking proactive steps to meet the demands of its client base and venue partners. The acquisition of CM Lodestar D8+ 1t and 500kg motors significantly enforces ResX’s capacity to support events of various scales. The addition of these high-technology hoists to their rental offerings not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry standards but also positions ResX as a reliable partner for event organisers and production professionals.

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