Fatsound takes centre stage with Eurotruss

Fatsound Productions recently upgraded its stage roofing capabilities with the acquisition of the Eurotruss AR-10. The roof structure upgrade debuted during the Easter festivities in Ulladulla NSW, stands during the celebration of the Ulladulla Blessing of the Fleet Festival.

Ray Eberle, Managing Director of Fatsound Productions, expressed excitement about the successful implementation of the new stage roof, “Setting up our new Eurotruss AR-10 stage was a seamless process, especially considering we just had this delivered to us a week prior our event in Ulladulla, NSW. Despite the challenges also posed by Ulladulla’s southerly winds, our six-man crew effortlessly assembled the structure in record time.”

The Eurotruss AR-10 boasts a sophisticated design, featuring standard HD/FD34 mast truss sections on specialised bases. Integrated jacks and custom corners ensure precise fitting for the triangular FD/HD33 arches, while additional hook-on bars enhance stability and canopy support. Available in various dimensions and versions, the AR-10 offers versatility and ease of setup, making it an ideal choice for diverse event environments.

The AR-10 Arc Roof comes in dimensions of 10x8m, 8x6m, 8x4m and 6x4m and all roofs are available in FD or HD Versions. The top canopy is tightened with tubes and ratchet straps and the wall canopies can be either in full PVC or the wind through mash. The AR-10 Arc Roof is on many occasions the perfect solution by its low-self weight, minimum of volume, easy and fast manual setup by 2 persons and a nice appearance.

During its inaugural deployment at the Blessing of the Fleet Festival, the AR-10 facilitated the mass ceremony to the different performances, accommodating a diverse array of activities and artists.

“We are thrilled to integrate the AR-10 into our inventory,” remarked Ray. “Its lightweight design, rapid setup capabilities, and impressive aesthetic make it an invaluable asset for our event productions.”

Looking ahead, Fatsound Productions anticipates leveraging the Eurotruss AR-10 in future projects, confident in its ability to elevate event experiences and adapt to various venue requirements. With its unparalleled functionality and portability, the AR-10 promises to enhance stage roofing solutions for events of all scales.