Ape Labs

Ape Labs GmbH develops battery-operated LED spots. The company established in Eisingen was founded by the director Julius Schrenk and Gisbert Müller and offers professional LED spot lights with creative designs. They both come from a stage background and are passionate about the technical possibilities of professional lightning. We also asked ourselves why the stage technology can’t be available to everybody“, explains Julius Schrenk. With this thought both founders started the development of a whole LED-spots series.
With many different products, the young team offers a wide range of application possibilities in light decoration.  Not only for commercial use but also for private users.

The initial success

Nothing is difficult if you do it in a good mood“ – The initial success

The first lights were presented in the spring of 2009 at the trade show Prolight & Sound and described by the trade press as „one of the most innovative products recently“. The unusual Ape Labs spots are a real eye-catcher and were already used in several public performances, from well-known hotel groups in Las Vegas and different uses at the UEFA Champions league, to the Echo awards or Red Bull events.

The team

A company can only be as good as the team behind it“– The team

The story of Ape Labs started with its foundation in 2007 by Julius Schrenk. He was already known at the age of 15 in Germany thanks to his inventions. TV programs like Taff (Pro7) or Leute heute (ARD) reported about his inventions, like for e.g. the motorized inline skates. At the age of 25 he started with Ape Labs.

Since 2014 Gisbert Müller is the IT expert at his side. He complements the management since 2015.  Gisbert Müller had already programmed his first micro controller and developed electronic circuits in the age of 8. Thanks to his past occupation at the world market leader for professional light control, Gisbert Müller brings a lot of experience in the developing and production area.

Since 2015 Ape Labs produces all its LED spots in Germany in cooperation with the production partner  in RG Elektrotechnolgie GmbH. „Made in Germany is a great value for us“, expressed the management.

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