Just Networking

Our Story

Just Networking started with a necessity in the entertainment market to remote control shows without forfeiting in-person capabilities . While researching how to accomplish this request, we discovered that this has been an underlying need for quite some time in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t until the Pandemic of 2020 that these needs have been brought to light, making the problem much more visible across an array of markets, in addition to entertainment. How do we solve this problem?

We have paired simplified hardware with unique software to create a plug-n-play device that is streamlined for users of all skill levels while maintaining the integrity of advanced networking.


Designed to get the networking out of your way and let you get to work.

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Once your account is setup, creating and connecting a network can be done in a matter of seconds. Need to add a friend? just a few more clicks.


NETWORKS of PEOPLE with BRIDGEs connecting them

Stay connected with the people you work with often, even if nobody owns a BRIDGE. Rent the hardware when you need it and connect immediately.


FLEXIBLE at its core

Whether you own a BRIDGE and want to join a show network, run a rental business and manage a fleet of them, or just want to pay the bill – the.PLATFORM makes it easy. We know shows come together in all manner of messy ways. So, no matter what configuration the humans are in, there’s a way to connect the network and have the right person pay for it.


SECURE from the start

2-Factor Authentication ensures access to your network configuration is always under your control

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