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Founded in 1992 in Bratislava Slovakia, The SRS Group focuses on the design and construction of lighting and rigging equipment.Aside from dimmers, splitters, lighting consoles and DMX switch packs, SRS also develops and produces high end Power Distribution systems for the Touring and Entertainment markets.All SRS’s products deliver maximum reliability, durability, and the simplicity of control.SRS is happy to make variations of their products in order to satisfy customer’s needs. Custom made devices, DMX boards, high-quality PDUs, patch panels and boxes, connector reductions, cables and other devices are always a welcome challenge for SRS.With its high level of  industry experience, SRS develops and manufactures equipment that satisfies customer’s needs and delivers them in a timely manner.”
The SRS Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience producing amazing quality PDU’s for a broad range of applications” states Robert Runko Managing Director of Showtools International,”We, the SRS Group, are very proud to announce the business relationship with Showtools International, who will exclusively distribute our SRS Lighting and SRS Power portfolio. The guys at Showtools have showed us great promise in their professionalism, excellent market research, and 100 percent commitment to providing the Australian and New Zealand customers with top quality products. I am happy and eager to see our products leaving our headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia soon and finding their new homes in Australia or New Zealand.” Comments Samuel Sloboda International Sales Director for the SRS Group.”
SRS Power racks are backed by a 5 year warranty and SRS Light products feature a lifetime warranty on select lines, this means the customer can always feel secure knowing their investment will serve them trouble free for many years after purchase”

The SRS Power Australian & New Zealand Range includes:

  • TD Series – LX Touring Distro Racks in 48 or 72 Way configurations in either Socapex or Weielnd outputs (or if you need it both.)
  • Power Series – Powerlock to 3 Phase Distribution systems in various formats depending on your requirements
  • VX Series – Video Touring Distro Racks in 48 or 72 way configurations specifically designed for LED Screens and Video systems.
  • WM Series – a range of Wall mount power distros to suit any sized venue installation with a range of safety features to keep all users safe.

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