September 5, 2018

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Marcello Jeromela

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Marcello Jeromela

When Benjamin Cisterne was subcontracted by Luscious to be the lighting designer for the James Cameron – Challenging the Deep Exhibition held at the Australian National Maritime Museum, he needed a compact yet powerful wash light to accomplish the desired effects and drama of the exhibit. His wish was answered as the Australian National Maritime Museum owned 11 of the Rogue R1 Washes from CHAUVET Professional. Benjamin was thoroughly impressed with what he initially saw in the fixtures and decided these were perfect to use for the show.

The Rogue R1 Wash distinguishes itself by offering a combination of performance features and is powered by seven RGBW 15 W quad-LEDs, this bright and versatile moving wash zoom fixture features a unique “bubble” lens design for excellent colour rendering and stunning visual effects.

Benjamin describe how he integrated the features of the R1 Wash for the James Cameron – Challenging the Deep Exhibition, “James Cameron – Challenging the Deep Exhibition is all about going down into the deep to explore and we were asked to create a sense of that drama in the space, to treat the exhibition area like a theatre stage.  I used the Rogue R1 Washes to create some blue & green colours to generate constant movement across the floor area and to direct the visitors to the prime positions for viewing each of the four screens. The screens have films that show at different times and during those shows, I use the R1s for high lighting objects that relate to what is being talked about on screen.”

With the use of the Rogue R1 Wash for the James Cameron – Challenging the Deep Exhibition, Ben Cisterne could create some nice looks to guide the viewers experience and to highlight the various objects on display. Now that Benjamin has used the versatile Rogue R1 Wash, he plans to use them for many more shows and events, “The Rogue R1 Wash is a very impressive fixture that accomplished great things for the  James Cameron – Challenging the Deep Exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum and I couldn’t be happier with its performance thus far,” said Benjamin. “I cannot wait to see what else I can achieve with these fixtures for other events/shows as it also includes  an incredible 11° to 48° zoom angle with incredibly fast/smooth pan and tilt movements, making the R1 excellent in terms of versatility, value and performance.”


Photo Credit: Owen Flood, Luscious


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