On the 23rd of April 2016, Midnight Mafia, the biggest overnight party in Australia was held at the Sydney Showgrounds at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. This vibrant event was held by Harder Styles United (HSU).  Rob Francis from HSU Events worked very closely with Arian Yeganeh from The Artistry to create the production/lighting design for the festival and Micheal Hicks was in charge of programming the time coded lighting intros.

The equipment incorporated for the event included 14x Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA. The Vesuvio RGBA brings together high output LED washes to towering fog output with ferocious intensity. This allowed bursts of fog to disperse on the crowd at various stages of the festival. Michael set off the Vesuvio’s in the intros of the artists to create a visualising and exhilarating experience for the thousands in attendance. It allowed each artists set list to be unique and vibrant as the event unfolded.

The Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA features a quick heating 1.6 kW heater and a 2.5 L fluid tank for dependability in production, and features an incredible 40,000 cubic feet per minute output (CFM), which delievered a huge kick to the large and energetic crowd.

The Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA was supplied by Chameleon Touring Systems.

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