Set next to the world-famous St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, David Jones’s Autumn Winter Collections Launch has a way of inspiring the fashion industry Australia wide every year. In early February 2017, this was the case as David Jones held its annual Collections Launch at the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral to showcase the new fashion trends for the upcoming year, with the star-studded event presenting models such as Jesinta Franklin, Karlie Kloss and Jessica Gomes. To effectively hold the fashion show at the forecourt of the iconic church, a structure needed to be created to adequately house the large attendance for the evening and showcase the various models as well as the haute couture throughout the night.

As Australia’s leading provider of rigging, staging and production services to the events & exhibitions industry, Harry the hirer Productions was contracted to create the structure for David Jones. After careful planning factoring in the requirements needed for show, the decision was made to utilise the Eurotruss HD44 Square Truss and Nivtec Stage Modules, with truss and staging supplied by Showtools International. The choice to use Eurotruss was made by Harry the hirer Productions due to the superior strength and durability of the HD44 truss thanks to its excellent load capacity, with a massive 15x50m roof structure put in place. In addition, the ease of use with the fast-conical system allowed Harry the hirer Productions to create the perfect solution for what was needed and therefore was an essential factor in using the Eurotruss system.

Likewise, The Nivtec staging modules were installed for its ease of use, the effective Nivtec hook on system provides strength with a high load capacity as well as providing a quick assembly process. These factors made Nivtec the best solution for staging in addition to being secure and safe.

The famous David Jones autumn winter collection launch was a successful evening for all those involved with the latest fashions showcased, with the result being simply amazing. Thanks to the use of the Eurotruss Truss system and Nivtec staging modules the event went smoothly for all those involved from the fashionista’s in attendance to the models on stage. With another successful event on its books, Harry the hirer Productions remains the industry leader in providing rigging and staging services to the events and exhibition industry.



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