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November 7th 2023, in the heart of Melbourne, the bustling metropolis that pulses with energy and excitement with one of the most anticipated events annually- The Melbourne Cup, marked a whirlwind of activity for Harry the hirer Productions as they orchestrated the event production including the installation of massive Eurotruss staging for multiple events. The iconic horse racing event, known for bringing the nation to a standstill, witnessed a spectacular display of craftsmanship and innovation by Harry the hirer Productions.

As the team is in full mode for various Melbourne Cup events, Harry the hirer Productions employed an extensive array of Eurotruss trussing and staging solutions at The Park, Palooza, The Birdcage and Nursary event grounds. Simon Finlayson, General Manager at Harry the Hirer Productions, stated, “We have seamlessly integrated Eurotruss into the events, with HD34 and HD44 being the primary feature of the stage structures, we can really use the versatility of these trusses.”

Eurotruss HD34 and HD44 are the ultimate choices for those who seek uncompromising truss strength and durability. With an impressive loading capacity of up to 18m (59 feet) for free spans, these trusses can also be used as tower elements, providing unparalleled performance and stability. The 3mm wall thickness in the main-tube ensures extra strength and durability, making it the perfect fit for high-frequency usage or installations that demand higher loading capacity. With HD34 and HD44, you can be confident that your truss system will meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Simon continued, “We choose the Eurotruss brand to build on because of the proven track record of durability and strength that we can load. But more importantly, with Eurotruss, our team is able to have customised structures engineered here in Australia that other truss types wouldn’t allow us to build such unique structures with.”

The highlighted events included the Park Stage, which was a custom curved roof structure with a large cantilevered awing roof, with cowsheds both sides covered with screen and PA structures. Harry the Hirer Productions also designed and rigged the first DJ entertainment dance festival at the Melbourne Cup, where Eurotruss was selected to provide mother truss and bridging truss spans to support the custom designed LED structures. And two very unique Eurotruss Stage structures were built in the Birdcage and Nursary member enclosures, which were custom cladded to add a high end finish to entertainment roof structures.

Harry the hirer Productions’ commitment to excellence was evident in every facet of these productions. The Eurotruss staging not only provided a visually stunning backdrop but also ensured the safety and comfort of the event attendees. The meticulous planning and execution by Harry the hirer team contributed to the seamless flow of events. As the nation collectively held its breath for race that stops the nation, Harry the hirer Productions left an indelible mark on the landscape of event production yet again, proving that they are pioneers in delivering excellence and the best experiences.


Photos by: Harry the hirer Productions