Since 2008, Jay Productions has worked effectively with clients as partners in constructing successful events servicing all aspects from small corporate, to outdoor events, through to large scale events with a dedicated team trained in all aspects of theatrical and technical event production. A major part of the company rising success is their impressive inventory of equipment that improves constantly.

Recently Jay Ghazal, Managing Director of Jay Productions went to Showtools looking for some high quality and dependable lifters and barriers. After seeing the Eurotruss range of Lifters and Barriers, Jay decided to acquire 4x FL-830 Eurotruss Front Loaders and 9x Eurotruss Crowd Barrier Standard and 1x Crowd Barrier Cable Slot.

The choice to go with the Eurotruss Front Loader Lifter was due to the design being ideal for the rough daily business and recommended for challenging set-ups for any event type that company deal with. The FL-830 Front Loader raises to a maximum of 330kg and up to 8.3m high. The FL-830 is set with a slightly angled body to counter balance loads with perfect stability allowing heavier loads. It has an internal RBS emergency system that locks the profiles in place. The easy to handle locking bolts and heavy duty automatic brake winch guarantees safe fold/unfold operations. This was reinforced by Jay, “These factors will ensure maximum convenience, total safety and a lift off load directly from the ground.”

The decision to go with Barriers for Jay Productions was the Eurotruss crowd barriers can be bolted together for one firmly anchored fence that will remain in place even in very agitated situations. The barrier is held in place by the audience standing on top of the floor plate on the front side of the barrier section. On the backside of the vertical part a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel the possibility to check visual and when necessary have physical access to the crowd. Other factors as to why the barriers were chosen are the top rail is rounded for audience comfort, the connection of the top rail is seamlessly avoiding pinch points, a step on the backside facilitates visual and physical access to the audience, the design enables handling without risk of trapped fingers and finally the barriers are designed with tread plate that prevents liquids from pooling. “All these factors made the Eurotruss Barriers a clear choice to add to our inventory,” stated Jay.

Additionally, the barriers fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage, hence Jay’s also acquiring the Eurotruss Barrier Trolley. The dollie cart is specially designed to make transporting the barriers easy. The dolly holds 10 standard barrier sections and can be stacked on top of each other horizontally to get the most out of space in storage. Four high quality castor wheels ensure easy transportation. Special attention has been paid to the dolly design, the design ensure crew members can easily load or unload the barriers on a safe way into or out the dolly.

With the addition of the Eurotruss Front Loader Lifters and Barriers, Jay Productions now has the extra equipment to enable the company to handle all technical aspects of any event for all type of clients.