LED Strip Solutions

“We are driven by unique design elements
that push the boundaries and change the way we think”
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LED Strip Solutions offers endless creativity and passionate hands-on expertise, together with innovative/leading edge technology and products, to ensure that the process of design and the journey towards final delivery goes beyond any, and all expectations.

We provide solutions every step of the way, and love to be connected, from initial concept design, product development, technical drawings, installation, control and integration, we enjoy the entire process and maintain a high level of quality along the journey that sets us apart from the rest.

LED Strip Solutions manufactures its own LED strip lighting and ensures the use of the highest quality genuine 3M adhesive tape and components, We can custom manufacture any led strip that you might require, and we pride ourselves on delivering a great product to high expectations.

Foxtel Studios Pixel Neon

Studio Johnfish Art Feature

Wink Wink Art Feature

Samsung Store Activation

Freshwater Place Glass Tubes

Australia Open Neon Waterfall

Australian Open Archway Illumination

412 St Kilda Road Ultimamax Ceiling

Melb Grand Apartments Ultimamax Ceiling

National Gallery VIC Table Stands

Porsche Car Launch

National Gallery VIC Mecca Stand

Monash Uni Brain

Melbourne Zoo Neon Maze

Samsung Electric Pixel Tubes

Meccaland NARS Stand

National Gallery Vic Gloss Creative

Nike Activation

MCLAREN 3D Letters

The Lounge Neon Sign

B2B Burgers Neon Sign

ILLY Neon Sign

Tim beeston Engagement Neon Sign

YSL Stand Neon Sign

Samsung Neon Sign

ED Square 3D Letters

Thick As Thieves Neon Sign

Patrick Topping Led Pixel Bars

U CUBE Tv Show

Beyond The Valley Led + Décor

Amy Shark Pixel Neon

Thick As Thieves Led Pixel

Green Velvet Led Pixel Wall

Beyond The Valley Décor + Led

Dance Party Led Pixel Bars

Flight Facilities Set Piece

Falvey Nightclub Led Pixel Neon

Hop Nation Brewery Led Neon

XE54 Led Pixel Neon

Coops Gym Led Pixel Neon

Wink Wink Led Installation

RADAR Nightclub

Wink Wink

Falvey Nightclub

Empire Nightclub