The ART2020 was designed with contributions from industry leading users and companies combined with 16 years of ART2000 and 40 years of Avolites dimmer knowledge to create a flexible and capable distribution and dimming system.

There is no need to have separate mains distribution or DMX splitters making set up times faster and lowering the number of individual components needed to put a show together.

The available modules are 12 x 16A RCBO dimmer, 12 x 16A RCBO distribution circuits or 12 x 16A RCBO contactor module to provide switchable mains to fixtures. The modules are freely interchangeable by the user.

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The main input and the loop-out connectors are protected with an electronically adjustable MCB and RCB combination, allowing the breaker parameters to be controlled easily and comfortably from the dimmer user interface.

The breaker controls enable the user to coordinate MBC and RCB breakers in the larger system to assure isolation of faults, and prevent large scale outages during live events.

The overcurrent range can be selected on both breaker combinations as 125, 160, 250 and 320A, and the RCB differential current from 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 1A, 3A, 5A and 10A as well as the RCB delay ranging from 20mS to 10 seconds in 10 steps.

The main and loop-out breaker electronic settings are a vital tool to assure compliance with new regulations for temporary electrical systems that are being enforced more and more.

The ART2020 is fitted with a comprehensive set of safety and reliability features which includes the ability to test the connected mains before the system energizes, over-voltage or a missing neutral connection will not allow the system to energize. The control system is supplied from all three phases at the same time.

Clear indication lights are provided for the mains input both on the front and near the mains input and loop-out connectors to show mains connection status and if the loop-out is energized.

The three phases and the neutral current are measured and displayed, as well as the individual main and loop-out phase and neutral currents. The system can also display Var and Powerfactor which are important variables when working with generators.

The differential (earth leakage) current for the main and loop-out connectors as well as the total differential current is displayed along with the headroom actually setting headroom.

The dimmer is fitted with a Wieland ST17 (2-pin) or ST18 (3-pin) patch system comprising of 120 circuit outlets and up to 20 multi circuit outlets like the 19-pin and 6 or 8 circuit Harting.

The patch is located on the top of the rack to ensure it is easily accessible. The layout is intuitive and flexible with four outlets for the first 12 circuits and two outlets for the remaining 36 circuits. Six single outlets for the fixed mains are provided. The patch has a switchable patch light to allow working in the dark.

The separately supplied ST17 patch leads are fitted with a custom Avolites clip to retain the patch leads in the patch during transport. The high retention force of the ST18 patch does not require a clip.

The familiar load test facility is provided, which is battery operated, as well as the new load tester that can test a whole multi-core at once for connected load and earth faults. The tester is battery operated to allow testing before the mains connection has been provided, and is six and eight channel multi-pin outlet standards compatible.
The Dimmer modules have ‘load check’ indicators for each dimmable channel to give a positive indication that a load is present and the local test fader on each dimmer channel to ensure that you can easily check the connected load without having to use a console.

The multi-functional DMX distribution can act as a dual DMX splitter with four outlets for each of the two DMX-512 5-pin XLR inputs. The same splitter outlets can be driven from Art-net or sACN generating two independent universes.

The ART2020 system can be provided with data either though a single DMX-512 5 pin XLR connector or additionally with ethernet either using Art-net or sACN protocols. The two data inputs can be HTP merged splitter. The user can select to use one DMX-512 5-pin XLR input as an input to the dimmer, allowing for two DMX 5-pin inputs to be merged.

The Dimmer supports a full range of control features such as soft patch for each channel, simple start address for a universe, curve, pre-heat and proportional limit setting per channel.

A host of information and diagnostics tools are provided, like isolated level data for each data input, and LED indication that Art-net or sACN universe data is present for the two splitter universes. This all assists the user in the complex world of mains and data distribution.

The ART2020 is supplied in a custom flight-case with wheels on the back panel, and three lids with ergonomically placed handles. The rack has RGB LED strips incorporated to aid working safely in dark environments. The LEDs can be set to any of the nine colours and when the system requires user attention the LEDs can change in colour to clearly indicate which rack. The module RCBO breakers are discretely lit to allow the breaker state to be seen in the dark.

  • 48 dimmer or distribution circuits
  • 6 additional Direct out circuits
  • All final circuits are protected with a European made RCBO (30mA/20mS)
  • Main System input breaker with adjustable trip current of 125, 160, 250 and 320A
  • Separate Loop Out Breaker adjustable trip current of 125, 160, 250 and 320A
  • Loop Out and System input RCB protection with Current and Trip Delay adjustment
  • Overvoltage protection during start-up
  • Clear indication of Phase, neutral and differential currents  and Voltages
  • Integral multi pin connector load tester
  • Ergonomic layout and User Interface
  • DMX-512, Art-net and sACN control input
  • Build in two Universe Art-net and sACN Node with 4 outlets per universe
  • USB Phone Charging point
  • RGB Rack lighting, Backlit switches and illuminated Breakers
  • Dedicated FOH 32A RCBO and Connector
  • Fast test function with local faders
  • Designed to meet new standards in temporary electrical systems

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