HDX35 is a square truss based on the ‘’Eurotruss original’’ HD34 Truss, are you having issues with placing loads likeLED screens, lighting fixtures, or decor on a central position of the truss? Then look no further. HDX35 is the best solution! The HDX35 truss is based on 50×4 mm main tube which ensures strength and maximum durability, the truss is designed for high-frequency usage or fixed installations.It is available in standard lengths up to 4 meters. A 50x4mm additional tube is placed in the center of the truss at the bottom and allows rigging bars of LED screens or other loads to be connected directly. This center chord has a slightly higher trim height than other LED Screen Truss solutions, and the use of narrow aluminum plates instead of tubes allows more space for the positioning of clamps or slings.If the additional center tube is used, logically other loading capacities apply. Therefore, multiple load tables have been made available for this truss. These are discussed in more detail in the following pages.HDX35 can be combined with HD34 truss lengths because it has the same geometry size*. The truss is also equipped with our well-known CS1 coupling system. Finishing by-powder coating in various colours is available upon request.

*Please consider deadweights of the heavier system in combination with the loadability of the HD34





  • Additional tube for centered loading (not welded)
  •  Creates a low trim height
  • 4 mm wall thickness 50 mm main tube
  • Can be combined with HD34
  • Tolerance free conical connector system
  • High stability aluminium alloy

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