IVL Lighting is a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une. IVL Lighting is the first-ever lighting range specially designed for experience.



IVL lighting by Minuit Une is a based on a ground-breaking technology to go further in lighting design.

For the first time ever, create spectacular experiences without heavy logistics:

  • Advanced shapes: stunning visual lighting shapes and decors, « like a 3-D architecture ».
  • Unique immersive feeling: wide coverage area, calibrated output, enveloping lights covering all the available space « feel the light around you»
  • Unlimited versatility: infinite effects combinations; constantly renewed style or atmospheres within a show, « never cease to surprise the audience »
  • Without a custom programming software: Intuitive programming from your own DMX console
  • Without heavy infrastructures: IVL products are a concentrate of technology. Small-sized, light-weight and robust, they can be hang anywhere any direction


  • Measurements
    Weight: IVL Pyramide: 16 kgs – IVL Carré: 13 kgs
    Size: IVL Pyramide: 515x515x950mm – IVL Carré: 515x515x202mm
  • Light source
    Class 3B laser product
    Power embedded: 10W
    2400mW @ 638nm | >2000mW @ 520nm | > 5600mW @ 450nm
    Aperture up to 360° (80° by mirror)
    Frost effect
  • Housing / Construction
    Aluminium body, black matt
    Pyramid head in PMMA by default (M4) or in option in polycarbonate (M1)
    Protection rating: IP20
    Two side-handles
  • Eye-safety / Scanning
    Highly designed scanning system: brushless motors at continuous and stabilized high speed for a very long lifetime, well balanced, zero vibration to ensure a stable light plan.
    Redundant scanning safeguards:
    Scanning current speed instant control hardware & software system
    Instant Mechanical & Electronic shutter (if scanning speed changes more than 5 % from its working speed).
  • Movement
    4 mirrors, one for each side, motorized by 4 brushless step to step motors (very long lifetime), operated by specifically developed drivers.
    Angle: 0° to 360° on each mirror
    16-bit DMX channel control
    Optical synchronisation, reset function for automatic repositioning
  • Software
    Electronic conception optimized to create electronic gobos
    Specific Circuit board developed for a high stabilisation of the gobos and accurate rotation of the gobos from very low speed to 4Hz.
  • Power supply
    100 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
    Power: 150 Watt max


  • Cooling System / Thermal
    Temperature-regulated system
    Safety protection against excessive temperatures


  • Installation
    Mounting point: eight quarter-turn locking points allowing installation of Omega brackets in any orientation
    4 M10 screw threads in each corner
    Safety cable attachment point


  • Connections
    AC power input/output: Neutrik PowerCon True1
    DMX data in/out: 5-pin locking XLR
    Switch with LED


  • Approvals
    IEC 60825-1:2014 (EN 60825-1:2014)
    IEC 60825-3:2008 (EN 60825-3:2008)
    IEC 60065:2014 (EN 60065:2014)EMC:
    EN 55103_1:2009/A1:2013
    EN 62311 : 2008
    EN 55103-2 : 2009

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